Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father’s Day

Today is a day we honor those men who gave us life, blessings, invested in our lives and futures, taught us responsibility, and shared their spiritual convictions; our fathers. Fathers, both natural and for many in America today, fathers by marriage or adoption who care enough to be a leader, counselor, guide and mentor to us deserve our respect, appreciation and honor.

Equally our Founding Fathers gave us many incredible riches, blessings, freedoms, power and responsibilities. Equally, today we should bestow honor on our Founding Fathers. Do you know the names of the approximately 250 men who participated in the creation of our Republic? Do you know their personal history, spiritual conviction, family dynamics, political commitment, lives lost?

This Father’s Day, perhaps we all should commit to learning about, asking questions of, studying the principles of and honoring our natural fathers, adaptive fathers, our Founding Fathers; then thank our Heavenly Father for providing the richest blessings possible through the lives of our many fathers.

Tim Utz

Candidate MN HD41-B

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