Sunday, June 24, 2012

6/23/12 Campaign Trail Update #34

Sometimes a Good Laugh Works…..

Campaign bus driver volunteer Wes Wiggins needed some help today picking up his new work truck from Albert Lee, Minnesota and asked me to give him a hand.

The highlight of the trip was during the time we examined the vehicle at the pickup point, asking basic questions of operation and equipment location. The sales representative, Kevin Lee, mentioned the truck has a block heater to which I asked him where the plug location was.

We literally spent the next 25 minutes looking everyplace for the block heater plug. I have not laughed this much in years as Kevin and I bantered jokes back and forth about politics, his automotive professionalism, and knowledge of vehicles; starting with my statement “so this is the first block heater you sold on a truck in 30 years of sales” and Kevin jokingly suggested he might move into my district just so he could not vote for me.

Eventually 4 other sales representatives joined in the pointless exercise of searching for the block heater plug, only locating the cord after one salesman contacted a shop mechanic by email at home for help.

At the end of the block heater search experience I promised Kevin not to ask where any other vehicle equipment was located, we all shook hands and parted as new friends with a memory only our group will appreciate for years to come.

From this candidate who studies, researches, stands, and debates hard issues of government in a political setting I say thanks Kevin for the, break, memories and good laugh today in Albert Lee, Minnesota.

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