Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Brides Birthday Update

My bride had a great birthday, as we enjoyed lunch at TGI Fridays in Golden Valley. Nay never found a movie with “her name on it” to watch today so we went shopping at Rainbow and Cub foods, headed home and hung around the house.

Toward evening I became too much for her as she wanted to resume reading her books and sewing, and then sent me out campaigning for ballot access signatures.

A happy bride provides a happy home.

5/30/12 Campaign Trail Update #19

As we continue collecting ballot signatures leading up to filing deadline next Tuesday I continue meeting HD41-B citizens, discovering the vast variety of views on life. Another consideration is how major party candidates, not having to struggle through a district seeking voter support for ballot access, miss a critical aspect of campaigning “getting up close and personal” with the voters.

This experience of collecting 500 signatures for ballot access has enriched this already sensitive candidate’s view of the power and responsibility of elective public office being an advocate for our Constitution and preserving our Republic.

Although I would eventually travel the communities in HD421-B during the campaign season, meeting the voters; after a week of meeting citizens from all political views in the district, I personally thank previous legislative sessions for forcing me into the neighborhoods as a prerequisite for ballot access; I am a better candidate for the experience.

Donate $10.00 today at;

5/30/12 My Bride Birthday

Today is my wife Nay’s (Nadine) birthday. I am celebrating Nay’s 29th times 2.172413793103448 birthday with her today by having lunch at an undisclosed location and seeing a movie of her choice.

My wife gave up many an expected normalcy of married life when I began running for public office in 2008, including the tough job of being treasurer and making a campaign function on little money, make her birthday job easer with a birthday donation at Today I take a time out on the campaign trail and spend some “us time” together.

Direct any congratulatory comments here!/profile.php?id=100000934539609

Monday, May 28, 2012

5/28/12 Historical Memorial Day

So much of American history is re-written, diluted, omitted or taught through distorted views much of our 2012 Memorial Day understanding is void of the original truths.

Memorial Day established the healing process of the Civil War between the states. Many people today think Memorial Day is for American solders defending our freedoms. Thus history is changed, re-written and distorted from reality. Here is a link to the Memorial Day original history, perhaps placing a different spin, value and sacred trust to preserve Memorial Day for you this Monday.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

5/27/12 Campaign Trail Update #18

Mark your calendars for Friday June 22, 2012 from 6PM to 9PM. The Columbia Heights Parade is happening and we need you. We reach 5-7 thousand citizens participating in the parade and need you.

We have no limits on the number of supporters walking the parade in our position; knowing this, we need you and any friends or family you have to join us and participate in the parade.

Mark the calendar now, then email us at with conformation of your participation, so we can provide plenty of fluids during the parade.

Cannot make the parade, we are accepting bags of penny candy for the three summer parades. Purchase any amount of candy up to $20.00 and drop off the bags with the receipt, day or night at our campaign office 4141 Stinson Blvd NE Columbia Heights, MN 55421.

Thanks in advance for joining us. Donate today at;

Friday, May 25, 2012

5/24/12 Campaign Trail Report #17

We held an Ice Cream Social Fundraiser tonight at “The White house” in Columbia Heights, Minnesota. Our small fun group had plenty of choices for toppings, a great view of Silver Lake and conversation.

Plans are in the works for hosting a Grant Engelmann Impersonator Fundraiser in June at “The White House”. Interested in joining the event, do not miss the fun, send a request for placement on our Constant Contact email list, for campaign updates at

Missed the fundraiser today, you  still have time to make a  donation at:


Thursday, May 24, 2012

5/24/12 campaign Trail Report #16

I went searching for registered voters today working hard in the rain. I discovered several and everyone willingly signed our nominating petition. One home I approached had an open garage door with a couple plywood boards covered in wet paint.

No one answered the door and as I returned to the bus and walked by the garage I noticed and introduced myself to the homeowner quietly sitting in the garage. We had a pleasant conversation on politics; he signed the petition and shared his employment passion of voice over on commercials. The link to Carl’s website is

One great experience of running for public office is learning the variety of citizens, their talents and their contributions to private commerce.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

5/23/12 Real Inflation and Unemployment

The federal government is claiming unemployment is currently 8.7% or so. Yet the real number is much higher considering the early retiree, underemployed, still unemployed and my category those small business owners who lost their companies were never counted. Unemployment is really 20% or more.

Minnesota Department of Employment website brags of a state unemployment rate of 6.6% in April 2012, yet that same month, total employment is down 103,562 people from December 2008 state employment high of 2,789,004 employed Minnesota citizens. How does total employment drop 103,562 and hold at 6.6%?

Americans are told inflation is only 2.3%, but I consistently experience a 20% to 30% jump in product prices over the last year.

We need to ask ourselves who is being honest? Government or our pocketbooks? Nonfarm

5/23/12 Campaign Donation Notice

Thank you to John and Marlys D. of Fridley, Minnesota for your generous support and donation of $25.00 to our campaign. The money is used with utmost frugal efforts and consideration.

Monday, May 21, 2012

5/21/12 Campaign Trail Report #15

Our new campaign manager Tyler and I drove the long trip to St. Cloud Thursday evening to give Tyler a taste of political ground game, visit long time friends, restore some Republican relationships if opportunities developed, and the big reason was eating. We were not disappointed in the food, but clearly Doc won the food taste test for selection, creativity, and supply and even offered a door prize for anyone willing to complete a drawing form.

Tyler and I met up with other campaign staff members and supporters during the evening including Greg, Mona, Chris and several others as we made several stops at Romney, Doc, Kurt Bills and Pete.

We also engaged in a 45 minute discussion with a Ron Paul delegate and alternate, a Romney supporter seeking folks to sign a petition (I would have signed but not a Republican delegate) on her behalf, a Chip Cravaack supporter who we had several critical subjects of disagreement, a couple photo opportunities, and several embarrassing moments where I could not remember someone’s name.

I was touched by the acknowledgement of Jeff Johnson, Republican National Committeeman when I passed him conversing with a group of folks in the hall. Jeff made eye contact, smiled, then excused himself from his conversation long enough to reach out and shake my hand saying hi Tim, as I passed him in the hall, now that is principled class in politics.

So many other experiences occurred, to many for Facebook; in wrapping the evening up, on the return trip Tyler commented he has a lot of homework, learning to do and organizational skills to quickly develop.  

Saturday, May 19, 2012

5/19/12 Campaign Trail Report #14

Good morning everyone. Several notes today include:

  1. We advertized selling a game table last night to raise NEEDED campaign cash to run our campaign. Overnight we received an inquiry on the table. Good news for getting the campaign bus returned to active campaign service, sad news personally that we need to sell our personal furniture to fund a campaign for Minnesota HD41-B.
  2. We hold a campaign meeting with the new Campaign manager Tyler King, young, committed, energetic, and motivated for victory on Election Day.
  3. Thursday night Tyler and I joined other staff in visiting the GOP pre state convention party rooms in St. Cloud, Minnesota. A lot of exciting events happened, more information to come in the next update.
  4. Today Nadine and I are meeting her brother and his wife to celebrate Nay and sister-in-law May birthdays. We plan a full day of activities together, and then return to political activity tomorrow evening, after Nay’s family party Sunday afternoon.

Have a great weekend folks, and remember campaigns function on volunteers, and donations.

Friday, May 18, 2012

5/18/12 Campaign Trail Update #13

After several days of conversation on the critical need to get the campaign bus returned to active status on the campaign trail after sitting parked in the driveway for 79 days now; today Nadine and I have chosen to sell a game table and chairs on Craig’s List for providing cash to the campaign.

We are selling the combination chairs and table for $1,500.00. Know anyone living in the Minneapolis St. Paul area interested in a great game room furniture addition contact us at

5/18/12 Donation Notice

Today our campaign received a generous $50.00 donation from Shy J. of Corona, California. Thank You Shy for the commitment to preserve Freedom and a Republic form of government.

Join Shy today and make a generous donation at:

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

5/16/12 Campaign Trail Report #13

Yesterday Tyler and I met for 3 hours reviewing every aspect of the campaign, my expectations as a candidate and Tyler’s as manager; where we go from her establishing priorities, and goals.

We came to several conclusions, including there is a lot of actions to complete between now and Elections Day, our campaign is positioned for a strong victory on Election Day, the campaign has expense and MUST raise money now.

Join our victorious campaign by making a generous donation at:

Monday, May 14, 2012

5/14/12 Donation Report

Tim Utz for House received a $25.00 donation this evening from a long time supporter Terri B. of St. Anthony, Minnesota. Tim and the staff of the campaign say a big Thank You to Terri for her continued confidence and support.

Join Terri in supporting our campaign now and make a donation by visiting

5/14/12 Memories of My Presidential Candidate

Back in 2007 I discovered Presidential Candidate Ron Paul whose voting record in Congress cured my political apathy and inspired me to run for Minnesota House.

I reminisce to the days past when Ron Paul endorsed me during my 2008 campaign for State House, visiting our small city of Columbia Heights, Minnesota and was the keynote speaker of a campaign fundraiser for me.

I will always cherish that weekend in August 2008, cherish the inspiration of a man with principles, a visionary, a man generations ahead of his time, a man of unapologetic convictions, willing to walk any political trail alone so long as the trail lead to maximizing the freedoms of individuals, and heavy chains of the constitution restraining civil government.

Like Paul, George Washington was a man for his time, and no replacement was appropriate for those harsh days. Ron Paul is a man for our times and no replacement is appropriate for the harsh days we experience. I hope to emulate both Paul and Washington at the state level holding a commitment to Constitutional government, our Republic and principles of freedom granted by our creator, God.

Money moves a campaign, greases the wheels necessary for Election Day victory. I have 3,256 Facebook friends who can give $5.00 today, providing $16,180.00 campaign seed money;

5/13/12 Happy Mothers Day

Nadine and I wish every mother across our social network a great Mothers Day. Kids call mom, wish her a great day, as I did today.

Tim and Nay

5/14/12 Tim Utz for House, Tyler King Campaign Manager

Tyler King, who lives in Ham Lake, Minnesota, was picked up by the campaign while looking for an opportunity to advance his career goals after graduation in 2012 from Bob Jones University While home, on break, during Christmas 2011, Tyler and Tim met, spent some time together and agreed for Tyler to join our team on a limited base until graduation working the campaign in the capacity of communications and Public Relations director.

Tyler King
After getting engaged in April this year, Tyler graduated in May 2012 with degrees in Public Relations Journalism and Communications; Tim offered, and Tyler accepted a promotion to Campaign Manager for 2012. Working with the candidate, Tyler has full responsibility for producing and implementing a winning campaign strategy, maximizing public appearances and messaging the Constitution and Republic form of government.

Tyler can be reached by phone at: 763-258-7676 or via email at:

Sunday, May 13, 2012

5/12/12 Campaign Trail Report #11

Religion And Politics In A Bar

People, who personally know me, understand how I challenge status quo, especially when such practices are inconsistent with established truth. This post is one example of such challenge.

I visited Hanger 45 Bar in Hilltop, Minnesota about 10:30PM tonight, along with my campaign Chairman Greg and Chris the campaign bus driver. I took on the challenge of singing a karaoke song to the 50 or so patrons in the Hanger 45 bar.

Dr. Bill Olson, owner of Correct Care Chiropractic Center in Fridley, Minnesota hosts the Karaoke activities at Hanger 45 Bar on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evenings. After Dr. Bill placed my name in rotation for singing, while waiting I developed a rare moment of “cold feet” syndrome.

When my turn arrived I still could not chose between “You Light up My Life” or “Amazing Grace”. Developing a cold sweat I went with a song I knew “Amazing Grace”, grabbed the mike and waited, what seemed like 3 hours for the scrolling teleprompter to start.

As I sang the song a woman joined my efforts at singing “Amazing Grace”, along with another woman who walked up, standing in front of me singing and crying. As I panned the room I notice most people stopped conversing and listened to me sing. When I concluded singing “Amazing Grace” the Bar erupted in applause, people were genuinely moved by the song (not my vocal talent).

Although I already know Truth is a powerful force, I was pleasantly surprised the forceful words of the hymn “Amazing Grace” had in bringing people to attention. Though people resumed the evening activities my song received by far the largest response during our two and half hours we spent at Hanger 45 last night.

As Christians we are to be a light of the world, a lamp set upon a hill, the salt of the earth; thinking outside the box, not afraid to challenge conventional perceptions of truth; an obligation of individuals, even political candidates willing to challenge status quo with reasoned persuasion knowing Truth, not apologetic, but letting the spirit move; sharing that truth to all corners of a community, even in the middle of a bar in Hilltop, Minnesota.

5/12/12 Donation Report

We just received a generous $10.00 donation from Glenn K. of New Brighton, Minnesota. Glenn Nadine, I and the staff of Tim Utz for MN HD41-B give a round of applause to your convictions.

Donations are available by visiting the campaign website at:

5/12/12 Parked For 73 Days, An Appeal

As the candidate for Tim Utz for Minnesota HD41-B, knowing how effective the campaign bus is as a marketing tool, it pains me watching for 73 days having our largest marketing asset, the campaign bus sitting in the driveway waiting for $575.00 in campaign donations to purchase vehicle insurance.

Because the campaign financially holds to fiscal prudence, will not set up insurance payments (a form of credit) nor borrow funds, take public assistance but relies on “Joe Citizen” for funding campaign costs the bus waits for all of us.

We ask you to personally invest dollars today, providing this campaign with marketing tools to reach voters with a Constitutional Republic form of government message. Locate your checking account debt card, take time right now to visit and make a generous donation, allowing the bus access to the district roads on Monday.


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

5/9/12 Our First 2012 Endorsement

Exciting news, we sent an endorsement request and already received the first one. Interested in joining Greg, just email to

To all my fellow Minnesotans. I encourage you to take a look at Tim Utz, He is a man of integrity,
Lots of backbone...No Fluff.
Greg Nyberg

5/8/12 From the Desk of Tim Utz Opinion #02

The stadium bill currently working its way through the Minnesota Legislature and related jockey actions by legislators in both Minnesota House and Senate provide an example of anarchy, despotism and the breakdown of state civil government.
Civil government needs constitutional committed candidates, like me, elected in November, not just Republicans (who currently control both Minnesota House and Senate).
The stadium House and Senate stadium bills along with illegal amendments are just one example of dysfunctional government breakdown showing how party affiliation is unrelated to core convictions of candidates or elected officials.

5/8/12 Campaign Supporter Endorsements

We are now seeking 2012 endorsement letters from supporters. The endorsement concept informs voters in HD41-B, Tim Utz has broad support, and encourage others to publically provide comment, participate in the campaign and vote Tim Utz on Election Day.

Endorsement letters are now being accepted at, just 2-4 simple sentences of why you support Tim and encourage others. Take a few minutes now and write an endorsement. Also leave a full name with the endorsement. We place the endorsements on our social media and campaign website.

Monday, May 7, 2012

From the Desk of Tim Utz opinion 01

In Federalist Papers #8, Hamilton’s position of NO Federal interference within the Constitutional clause of interstate commerce is clear. The subject, concept, or consideration of Federal interference with the sovereign states interrelation exchanges is not even a thought, but just the opposite roll of Federalism. In America today the Constitutional principles of the founders are 180 degrees from original intent.

I suspect a vast majority of sovereign states interrelation disputes, conflicts, lack of sovereign autonomy from federal constitutional tyranny, freedom of interstate commerce, and a natural obligation of mutual aid between states within the union, directly relate to violations of Hamilton’s admonition in Federalist Paper #8; thus retarding the states prosperity

Hamilton’s conclusive admonition should embarrass every political leader in our country, at the Federal level for the tyranny veiled in equality and oversight, and all other branches of civil government for bowing to Federal tyranny and kissing the kings’ ring.

Hamilton Quote in Federalist Paper #8
An unrestrained intercourse between the States themselves will advance the trade of each by an interchange of their respective productions, not only for the supply of reciprocal wants at home, but for exportation to foreign markets. The veins of commerce in every part will be replenished, and will acquire additional motion and vigor from a free circulation of the commodities of every part.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

5/4/12 Campaign Trail Update #10

A wonderful volunteer came forward in the last couple weeks, willing to update our campaign website for 2012. She has started making the needed updates even mentioning willingness for making improvements within the campaign Facebook platform.

The staff at Tim Utz for House is grateful to Evie for joining our winning campaign team. To learn more of Evie business and abilities visit her website at

The campaign staff

5/5/12 Campaign Trail Report #9

Today I took off the trail and spent time with Nay. We hung out around the house in the morning, later in the day we made a stop for lunch at Culver’s in St. Anthony, and then migrated to a theater for a movie called “The Vow”.

The plot is about a newly married couple involved in a vehicle accident leaving the wife with a traumatic head injury and memory loss. The movie shared in realistic fashion the results of TBI and its effects on the victim, family, friends and community. Nay’s family experienced a TBI in their family a few years ago, I found myself reliving those trying days all over again.

Full from popcorn at the theater, we concluded the evening hanging out after I completed a couple hours of yard work, watching the 1954 movie “Creature from the Black Lagoon”, I have little comment here.

Late in the evening I resumed working on packets for volunteers to collect petition signatures during the Minnesota House filing period of May 22 through June 5th. Do you have some hours in the evenings, or really believe in freedom and election ballot choice; then contact us at today and lock in a time for collection signatures.


Friday, May 4, 2012

5/4/12, May 2012 Constitution Party Newsletter

5/4/12 May Constitution Party Newsletter

Here is the link to the Minnesota Constitution Party newsletter, May 2012 edition, filled with a variety of current information, and volunteer opportunities.

5/4/12 Campaign Trail Report #7

I just finished up working with our campaign design supporter updating campaign letterhead, stickers, business cards, and banners for the 2012 election cycle. The quality of her support design services elevated our campaign credibility; setting new standards for political campaigns, her efforts deserve high praise.

She has provided instrumental branding and marketing support worth thousands of dollars over the years pro bono; because she believes in our campaign, freedom and Republic form of government. Again Nadine and I say thank you Emily for your loyalty and service to this campaign.


Thursday, May 3, 2012

5/3/12 Campaign Trail Report #6

I did some reviews of our campaign activities thus far in the new HD41-B. We have reached over 4,000 homes and 200 businesses with the message of freedom, Constitutional government and preserving America’s Republic through electing conservative candidates including yours truly.

The road to Election Day victory is filled with exciting times, fun events, monotonous projects, new relationships and never a dull moment. Join the winning team today, before we reach 8,000 homes.

5/3/12 Campaign Trail Report #5

Today I am sending targeted customized fundraising letters to several 1% citizens using the remaining campaign printer cartridge ink.

I am introducing myself and hope by appealing to the wealthy 1% Minnesotan’s need for civil participation hope they understand my message and maximize their legal donation limits.

As always I post contributions on my social networks for all to see; perhaps you would like a donation moment of fame, just visit the campaign website at here make a donation and look for your name in social network sites soon thereafter.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

5/2/12 Canvas Report #16

I took a small team to the business district of St. Anthony today reaching 25 businesses; among the businesses were restaurants, specialty sandwich shop, and a liquor store and boat/marine sales center, meeting plenty of appreciative business owners for our early political efforts.

The team also drove through another business park along the east portion of St. Anthony, establishing a need for more than 60 introduction brochures; a project for tonight and hopefully distribution tomorrow.

I managed to squeeze enough ink from my personal printer for making another 100 brochures for the above mentioned distribution. The campaign website and PayPal is anticipating your donations today.

Tim and the campaign team

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

5/1/12 Campaign trail Update #4

Tonight I spent 30 minutes having the campaign seasons first “flash sign wave” at 17th Avenue SW and County Road D in New Brighton; testing the reactions of motorists toward our campaign in the heart of the new HD41-B.

I noticed 40% of the motorists refused seeing me. Being 6’-2” 245 pounds, holding a large yard sign standing on the sidewalk and folks could not see me? I question the validity of the Minnesota DMV license standards; just kidding on the licenses comment.

Of the remaining 60%, 30% waved and smiled while passing and 30% responded like “Wow, cool there is Tim”. One vehicle filled with 6 high school girls passed by having everyone waving with big smiles. Perhaps 5 people honked their vehicle horns and 10 or so gave me a thumb up while passing by. Several folks appeared very excited when looking then realizing I was actually Tim.

5/1/12 Campaign Trail Update #3

As a candidate I am experiencing a 2012 phenomenon at “The White House”. The phenomenon started early this spring when I started working outside in the yard, or was just hanging around the front yard I noticed one here and then another there.

People driving by the house would look across the yard at me, start waving as they drove by. People now have started honking their horns when passing and I am not facing the street. I recognize some of the drivers but far more I have no idea who they are, but clearly they know and support me. The phenomenon is increasingly numerous as each week passes.

I suspect the phenomenon is good for this campaign, not so good for the other HD41-B candidates.

Tim Utz

5/1/12 Campaign Trail Update #2

Filing days for the Minnesota 2012 campaign season is in a couple weeks. We need to raise $100.00 for Tim Utz for Minnesota House HD41-B to pay for a filing fee with the Minnesota Secretary of State for ballot access on Election Day. Make donations today at

Campaign Committee Staff