Monday, May 21, 2012

5/21/12 Campaign Trail Report #15

Our new campaign manager Tyler and I drove the long trip to St. Cloud Thursday evening to give Tyler a taste of political ground game, visit long time friends, restore some Republican relationships if opportunities developed, and the big reason was eating. We were not disappointed in the food, but clearly Doc won the food taste test for selection, creativity, and supply and even offered a door prize for anyone willing to complete a drawing form.

Tyler and I met up with other campaign staff members and supporters during the evening including Greg, Mona, Chris and several others as we made several stops at Romney, Doc, Kurt Bills and Pete.

We also engaged in a 45 minute discussion with a Ron Paul delegate and alternate, a Romney supporter seeking folks to sign a petition (I would have signed but not a Republican delegate) on her behalf, a Chip Cravaack supporter who we had several critical subjects of disagreement, a couple photo opportunities, and several embarrassing moments where I could not remember someone’s name.

I was touched by the acknowledgement of Jeff Johnson, Republican National Committeeman when I passed him conversing with a group of folks in the hall. Jeff made eye contact, smiled, then excused himself from his conversation long enough to reach out and shake my hand saying hi Tim, as I passed him in the hall, now that is principled class in politics.

So many other experiences occurred, to many for Facebook; in wrapping the evening up, on the return trip Tyler commented he has a lot of homework, learning to do and organizational skills to quickly develop.  

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