Wednesday, May 30, 2012

5/30/12 Campaign Trail Update #19

As we continue collecting ballot signatures leading up to filing deadline next Tuesday I continue meeting HD41-B citizens, discovering the vast variety of views on life. Another consideration is how major party candidates, not having to struggle through a district seeking voter support for ballot access, miss a critical aspect of campaigning “getting up close and personal” with the voters.

This experience of collecting 500 signatures for ballot access has enriched this already sensitive candidate’s view of the power and responsibility of elective public office being an advocate for our Constitution and preserving our Republic.

Although I would eventually travel the communities in HD421-B during the campaign season, meeting the voters; after a week of meeting citizens from all political views in the district, I personally thank previous legislative sessions for forcing me into the neighborhoods as a prerequisite for ballot access; I am a better candidate for the experience.

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