Sunday, May 6, 2012

5/5/12 Campaign Trail Report #9

Today I took off the trail and spent time with Nay. We hung out around the house in the morning, later in the day we made a stop for lunch at Culver’s in St. Anthony, and then migrated to a theater for a movie called “The Vow”.

The plot is about a newly married couple involved in a vehicle accident leaving the wife with a traumatic head injury and memory loss. The movie shared in realistic fashion the results of TBI and its effects on the victim, family, friends and community. Nay’s family experienced a TBI in their family a few years ago, I found myself reliving those trying days all over again.

Full from popcorn at the theater, we concluded the evening hanging out after I completed a couple hours of yard work, watching the 1954 movie “Creature from the Black Lagoon”, I have little comment here.

Late in the evening I resumed working on packets for volunteers to collect petition signatures during the Minnesota House filing period of May 22 through June 5th. Do you have some hours in the evenings, or really believe in freedom and election ballot choice; then contact us at today and lock in a time for collection signatures.


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