Wednesday, August 29, 2012

8/20/12 Campaign Trail Update #88

After 2 weeks of work updating a fair booth donated to the Constitution Party I was able to complete the Minnesota State Fair booth. We loaded up the booth and delivered to the fair with a couple days to spare. When at the Minnesota State Fair this year visit our booth on the west side of the Horticultural building. Remember like any form of commerce campaign efforts cost money, including Tim Utz for Minnesota House 41-B having a presence at the State Fair. Donate today at

8/19/12 Campaign Trail Update #87

This evening we took the campaign bus out traveling the district while Tim would step on and off the bus greeting citizens throughout the neighborhoods. Many folks were excited to greet Tim. Overwhelmingly people are fed up with both major parties, looking for a alternate on the ballot, and excited for Election Day 2012, having a choice to vote for Tim Utz.


8/29/12 Event Notice

Next week we have two critical campaign events needing your participation.
The first is Monday September 3, 2012 anytime from 4PM to 9PM as we travel the district in the campaign bus greeting voters and members in the community. Join us for 1 hour or all 5 hours, but join us, we need volunteers on Labor Day.
The second event is Friday September 7, 2012, and like parades this is your chance to dress up in wacky Green, Orange and Purple as our campaign joins the community of Columbia Heights in supporting the varsity football team at the high school field on 49th at 6PM pregame food on the street with the campaign bus and 7PM kick off in the stands.
Please RSVP if you think participation is possible so we can plan for the events at, and remember bring others with you.

8/23/12 Campaign Trail Update #89

Returning from work today I came across a snapping turtle positioned in the middle of the road drive lane along the south side of Silver Lake. Along side the road, I noticed a homeowner standing holding a shovel waving my around the turtle.
I stopped and offered my help removing the turtle form the road. The homeowner gladly gave me the shovel, and I moved the turtle into the woods. The homeowner then said “you are Tim Utz aren’t you”, I responded with yes and we continued a great conversation leaving acquainted and another voter supporting Tim Utz.
Generously donate today; help us reach the critical remaining few voters to secure Election Day victory on Tuesday November 6th 2012 at

8/19/12 Campaign Trail Update #86

Tim and Nadine opened their home today for a “Coffee and cookies with the candidate” event. The event offered participants a chance for personal question and answer periods, in addition to tasting Nadine’s great cookie baking abilities.

8/15/12 Campaign Trail Update #85

Tim participated in the annual Oakhill Baptist Church Summer Fest held at their church in Columbia Heights. The community outreach celebrates with the neighbors of Oak Hill Baptist Church mutually enjoying food, games and a live band. Tim especially liked the corn on the cob.
For further information on Oakhill Baptist Church and their community outreaches visit their website at:

8/15/12 Campaign Update #84

The Arc Greater Twin Cities and the Minnesota Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities invited Tim to participate in a candidate informational picnic. Tim attended the event at Kodiak Park, meeting the staff and management of the organization discussing government, their organization and the future of our Republic.
Tim also shared the vision of our Founding Fathers free of government tyranny and private generosity quickly meeting the needs of people in our communities.
For more information on the Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities visit their website at;

8/14/12 Campaign Trail Update #83

Tim and assistant Mona Anderson made a campaign stop this evening at St. Timothy Lutheran Church monthly community picnic held this month in Sullivan Park. The neighbors were welcoming, the church put on a great fest and plenty of conversation ensued.
Plan to attend future picnic; visit the church website at  for further information.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

8/28/12 Bus Lettering

We need to raise $150.00 to purchase lettering for the campoaign bus. Visit our website now at and make a donation to help fulfill our lettering needs.

Monday, August 27, 2012

8/14/12 Campaign Trail Update #82, Voting on Primary Day

Every year people around the world are murdered by despots, kings, tyrants and self proclaimed rulers for attempting the simple act of voting; yet in America, where our Constitutional Republic documents obligate our civil participation barley a whisper of excitement for the voting booth exists, especially during primary season.
Minnesota, with all the pomp and bragging rights of voter participation nationally could barley squeeze 15% of registered voter’s participation during Primary Day 2012; and who knows how many remain unregistered to vote. The world marvels at our apathy, curses our presumption of voting availability, and weeps at the lack of participation.
Nadine and I voted on Primary Day; knowing full well forces are about attempting removal of citizen governance over civil authority. Citizen’s lack of civil engagement gives validation to arguments of those forces.
Election Day is just days away, Nadine and I hope you participate in the duty of civil governance and vote on Election Day 2012, taking serious the obligations of civil activity granted every citizen of our Republic, the balance of our world envies every mark we freely place on each ballot.  

8/26/12 Donation Report

The team of Tim Utz for House 41-B say “hats off” to Richard B. of Brainerd, Minnesota for stepping forward and offering a $25.00 donation in support of Election Day victory 2012.
Join Richard today making a $25.00 donation while helping keep the campaign bus tooling down HD41-B streets filled with fuel, by visiting the website at and making a donation today.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

8/13/12 Campaign Trail Update #81

I met this morning with the St. Paul Building Trades and Construction Council endorsement committee for their consideration. The 30 minute exchange was productive, enlightening, spirited, social and respectful by everyone involved.
The committee had one specific area of concern regarding my positions and an explanation relived the reservations. Although we would not agree in lock step on every issue I encouraged the committee to endorse me for many reasons including the principles of Constitutional Government, my 35 years as a construction union member and brother of the trades, my commitment to real free association and markets and I being the only union candidate for Minnesota HD41-B.

8/12/12 Campaign Update #80

The results of the two donations made by our campaign for the Immaculate Conception Church Funfest silent auction in Columbia Heights, Minnesota are in. The $94.00 pair of 18 whole gulf games and full use of a cart sold for $54.00. Congratulations to the auction winner and ICC programs for raising $45.00. The dinner for two with the candidate and his wife at Culver’s in St. Anthony valued at $25.00 soled for face value of $25.00, congratulations again for a successful auctioneer, ICC programs, and the founding principles of our American Republic, private exchange of commerce.

For more information on ICC visit their website at:

Saturday, August 25, 2012

8/25/12 Just Day Remaining

Election Day is in 74 days, even with the DFL support for his opponent, Tim Utz for Minnesota House 41-B has a commanding presence and support throughout the district. The voters are deciding to give freedom and Constitutional limited government a chance and recognize Tim is that choice.
With just days until Election Day Tim has requested we send a quick message to our supporters; help us finish the race in 2012 with a victory.
  1. Donate, Tim hates seeking donations, but donations are required to make a campaign function. Whatever the reason, if you have not yet donated to Tim’s campaign he graciously asks you to stop now and donate something even $5.00 multiplied by 3,500 Facebook friends is an incredible amount of money, but give generously today.
  2. Volunteer today, we have several unspecified campaign strategies needing volunteers every remaining 74 days, including you; those who live within quick driving distance of Columbia Heights and St. Anthony. Visit our website now and offer the dates you can participate volunteering in the evenings; we have assignments for everyone every night.
  3. Endorsements, you support Tim Utz for Minnesota House 41-B, then step up to the plate and tell people. Visit our website now and take 2 minutes to write a short endorsement. People look at a candidate’s endorsement page; in fact our website endorsement page is one of the most visited pages. People in this district know you; a friend in this district knows you, so let them know you are on board supporting this campaign.
  4. Finally share, the simplest action you could take now is clicking the share buttons in your social media including Facebook, Twitter, RTR, LinkedIn or other media.
Doing nothing today hurts our Republic, our futures and our children’s chances for a safe, free state of Minnesota; take action now, donate, volunteer, endorse, and share; tomorrow is only 73 days from Election Day, a point on the 2012 calendar not waiting for hesitation or delayed intentions on our part. Be decisive now and visit







Thursday, August 23, 2012

8/11/12 Campaign Trail Update #78, New Brighton Stockyard days

Tim and Nadine spent several hours walking around the New Brighton Stockyard Days Long Lake Regional Park activities as they played Bingo, had some great food, met several professional craft vendors including Char Harris owner of Hugga Bugga of Farmington, Minnesota (, Sue Fries owner of Close Up Images of Minnesota ( , and Marla owner of Creations by Marla of Maplewood, Minnesota (on Facebook).
In addition Tim and Nadine met with several political active Republicans, greeted many new supporters of our campaign, ate some more food and visited the assembling antique auto show before heading off to another event in the district.
The only distraction was the idea local police think they have some sort of duty, obligation or right under the defining Constitution to assemble a Homeland Security command center vehicle and elevated monitoring camera and spy on local citizens minding their won business at a local city function; shame on the New Brighton City council and the local police department for violating their oath to Constitutional government.
public link

8/11/12 Campaign Trail Update #77, New Brighton Stockyard Parade

What a great time we had participating in the Tim Utz for Minnesota House 41-B campaign’s first Stockyard Days Parade. A total of 22 participated (another 20 were unable to join at the last minute) in the parade walking, interacting with the parade fans along the route, passing out voter registration cards, business cards and candy; quite a lot of campaigning during the parade while maintaining a fun atmosphere for the volunteers.

At 22 volunteers, our campaign parade group was larger than the GOP State Senate candidate Kurt Bills, the local GOP group, and the DFL opponent to Tim. In fact, all three groups were far behind Tim’s location in the parade rotation. Perhaps an omen of the Election Day results or just a coincidence (Tim prefers the aforementioned) in any case Tim was clearly the leader during the New Brighton Parade, and not just in the parade rotation.
Mark your calendars for the 2013 New Brighton Stockyard Parade and plan participating with the then HD41-B Representative Tim Utz.
Public Link:


8/10/12 Campaign Trail Update #73

Today Nadine and Tim made a quick trip to the opening of Immaculate Conception Church Funfest in Columbia Heights, Minnesota. They played some Bingo, walked around the outdoor exhibits, mingled with fellow patrons, and placed a couple Silent Auction bids in the school building. The annual event lasts 3 days while offering a variety of live music, food, Bingo, car show, and other activities for the entire family.
A first for the campaign was providing two Silent Auction items for the Funfest. Early indicators show the dinner with the candidate is the popular auction item; the Golf and cart auction item is another donation item for the Silent Auction.

8/10/12 Campaign Trail Update #76

On Tuesday June 5th 2012 Tim Utz filed for Minnesota HD41-B at the Secretary of States office in St. Paul, Minnesota. A few close friends and wife, Nadine, joined Tim while he filed for public office. Saving our Republic from those who would do our Republic harm requires principled individuals who can articulate distinctions between historical documentation and general population perceptions of American government we have today; Tim is one of those individuals.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

8/22/12 Thought of the Day

In my Bible Ecclesiastes 8:11 states the following: because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.
Among other segments of our Republic breakdown is the judiciary; bent on making law over their Constitutional limitations defined by bring justice to existing law. A legal system so convoluted in excuses and delay; today Ecclesiastes 8:11 becomes a relevant passage for open discussion.
The judiciary system needs a reset, returning to Constitutional limitations, defined in the Minnesota Constitution as effective speedy justice
One caution is our Legislature needs a reset also to the Constitutional limits of authority to create law; “evil work” or criminal activity needing punishment when defined in my Bible, as an example, is not kids having a cool aid stand, seatbelt laws, consuming more energy than neighbors during the winter to heat a home or the type of fertilizer one uses to keep up private property.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

8/19/12 Donation Report

Today during our “Cookies and Coffee with the Candidate” a guest stood up opened his wallet and handed Nadine a $100.00 bill. Stating my principle stands on issues gives him confidence in our campaign and Election Day victory. His donation put our campaign checkbook balance over the top to start our secret “Final Plan” securing Election Day victory. Join this donor today helping fund the secret “Final Plan” by visiting our website at making a generous donation.

Being in the lead during a three way race is fun. That said, I take nothing for granted expecting a fight until the Election Day finish line victory, the secret “Final Plan” provides that last push.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

8/7/12 Campaign Trail Update #72

8/5/12 Campaign Trail Update #71

On Sunday, August 5th, 2012 Tim participated in a pancake breakfast fundraiser, an activity of the weekend St. Anthony Village Fest held at the St. Anthony Community Center provided by the KIWANIS club of St. Anthony. The $6.00 charge included free parking, scrambled eggs, sausage, drinks, and their famous pancakes. The volunteers were friendly, helpful while Tim visited with other breakfast participants.

Monday, August 13, 2012

8/13/12 Campaign Trail Update #75 primary day

Remember to vote Tuesday August 14, 2012 in the Minnesota Primary. Voting is your Constitutional duty, and not a right. Visit the Minnesota Secretary of State website for more information on ballot and voting locations for your area.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

8/12/12 1930’s Germany

Here is just a teaser of my soon posts on our last 5 days of campaign activity. Here we are at a city level community festival in New Brighton, Minnesota with Ramsey County Department of Homeland security Mobile Incident Command Center.

No justification ever will satisfy me for having this 1930’s Germany style police state interference with Sovereign individual citizen activities within the free state of Minnesota. This federalization of civilian policing MUST stop now; another reason to help my election to Minnesota HD41-B.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

8/11/12 Donation Report

Tip me over with a feather, today in the mail we received a $500.00 check from long time Republican supporters living in St. Anthony, Minnesota. A couple committed to the Republic, Constitutional government, and folks not strapped down with Party Politics, but committed citizens to principles of our Founding Fathers.

Hats off to every donation received to date, from the $1.00 on PayPal in March, to today’s generous donation of $500.00 from a special couple in St. Anthony.

Lord, give the Tim Utz for House campaign team wisdom on expensing this donation with the utmost frugality.

Friday, August 10, 2012

8/10/12 T-shirt Marketing

We have a T-shirt marketing plan and need 5 donors to invest $100.00 each toward the project. Make a $100.00 donation today at;, the supporters at Tim Utz for Minnesota HD41-B thanks those supporters in advance.

8/10/12 Campaign Trail Update #74

We had a great time at the New Brighton Parade in yesterday with 22 participating including the Minnesota Constitution Party President Tammy Houle and her two kids from Red Wood Falls; photos coming soon.

Even better was Our DFL contestant Carolyn Laine only had 8 in her group, and rumor is the last place Republican paper ballot candidate Laura Palmer did not participate in the parade at all.

For over 4 years our campaign has worked the streets to establish a beachhead and inroads within the old 50-A district and the new 41-B against the establishment DFL. The fruits of all the efforts and tens of thousands of hours by countless volunteers are now paying off we are the campaign to beat.

Never taking a lead for granted we continue striving for every vote, participate in community at every opportunity like the New Brighton Parade.

Participate today by making a generous donation at

Thursday, August 9, 2012

8/9/12 Donation Report

Tim Utz for Minnesota House 41-B received a donation in the mail today from another life time Republican leader in the north metro; this time for $100.00. To that individual we say Thank-You for supporting the founding principles of our Republic.

Calling on all Republicans to join this community leader and donate to the lead team of Tim Utz for Minnesota HD41-B at We can send principled Constitutional driven citizens to St. Paul when we work together for candidates over party.

8/9/12 Donation Update

We received another anonymous donation this morning from a long time supporter who seeks no personal recognition. To this Republican who gave $34.00 I say a special thank you for politically “Coming out” in support for the best candidate in the HD41-B race who will appear on the ballot.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

8/8/12 Donation Report

A Columbia Heights resident requested a yard sign by email yesterday and offered a $20.00 donation when the sign was placed. We quickly dispatched the crack yard sign team who placed the sign on this critical corner lot.
Today the owner kept his end of the arrangement and made a $20.00 donation. Thank you to a great sport and supporter of freedom and preserving our Republic.
Join this donor today, visit or “The white House” in person at 4141 Stinson Blvd NE in Columbia Heights, Minnesota.

8/8/12 New Brighton Parade

We are excited to see everyone tomorrow evening as participants to the New Brighton parade. The parade starts at 6:00PM Thursday August 9th 2012, line up is at 5:15PM, we leave “The White House” at 5:10PM in the green bus (for those who want a ride over). Setup location is behind the New Brighton Police station on 4th street between 7th and 8th streets, location number 37-A. Should you find this information different when arriving (like the Columbia Heights parade this year) then call my cell number at 612-860-0746 or Tyler at 763-258-7676 for update. We have big plans for the parade and need people to walk the parade with us.

Remember everyone is invited to party and swim in the lake after the parade at “The White House”, food provided, but pot luck donations appreciated.
Remember to bring at least one bag of candy and the receipt.
Remember to dress in our campaign colors purple, orange and green, hair and all.
Remember to have a blast and bring your friends, family and neighbors.

Help us plan please if possible RSVP at, but come even if not RSVP.

8/8/12 My Thoughts This Morning

Occasionally I meet die hard Republicans who despise my principled decision to leave the Republican Party last summer; making statements if I win my influence is minimal at best, I would not be on prestigious committees along with other derogatory comments, never contemplating a voice for Constitutional Republic government independent of major party influence.

There are two Constitution Party candidates running for Minnesota House this year. Suppose both of us win, the Democrats and Republican equally split the remaining House seats: the balance of political power in St. Paul would be 66 Republicans, 66 Democrats and 2 decision making Constitution Party members. With this numerical breakdown who has the power: just having some fun on Wednesday morning thinking of the possibilities.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

8/7/12 Campaign Donation

An anonymous donor just called the campaign office and pledged to fill our campaign bus up with fuel (approximately $100.00 in value) Thursday prior to the New Brighton Parade. We thank the donor for the kindness shown for our campaign.

Join the secret donator and give generously today at  

8/7/12 Campaign Donation

An anonymous donor came forward today and purchased $75.00 of gas for the campaign bus. The donation is for covering the fuel costs during National Night Out tonight and a little extra.

We thank the donor for his forward thinking consideration of supporting Tim Utz for Minnesota HD41-B.

Join the secret donator and give generously today at

8/7/12 Campaign Donation

Glenn K. of New Brighton made a generous $20.00 this morning to offset costs associated with the New Brighton parade on Thursday. We salute Glenn for his bold public support.

Join Glen today by donating at:

8/7/12 Campaign Trail Update #69

This candidates head is spinning with so much activity, preparations for National Night Out tonight (donations needed), New Brighton parade Thursday (participants and donations needed), and State Fair political activities. Three highlighted events diligently working on today, along with general campaigning.

Just 90 days until Election Day; a short time for us to change the course of history on HD41-B, are joining us, investing dollars and time?

Although I am behind on campaign reports, I have plenty of notes and soon to publish updates.

Monday, August 6, 2012

8/6/12 This Week Donation Needs

Now is the time for freedom love patriots to help our campaign. To make our National Night Out and New Brighton Parade goals this week we need $$$$$ (money) cash, Green Backs; to fund bus gas, candy, parade supplies, office supplies, and auxiliary related event costs. Not two ways about it. Tomorrow is National Night Out and money needs flowing into the campaign today. Step forward and donate on line at or stop by the campaign office with your generous check tonight at 4141 Stinson Blvd NE Columbia Heights, Minnesota.

At this point in 2010 our campaign received over $18,500.00, this year to date revenue is $2,600.00, so we have reduced, conserved, budgeted, pinched, scraped and prayed, and now we need donations.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

8/5/12 Campaign Trail Update #68

Sometimes the little things in life are the greatest gifts; such was the experience tonight purchasing groceries at Cub Foods in St. Anthony. The cashier is a support of the campaign and asked how things were going. I responded fantastic, then jokingly said but we have not received your $10.00 campaign donation for July yet. He paused for a moment, stopped scanning the groceries, opened his wallet, handed us a $5.00 bill, said that was all he had in his pocket, and then resumed scanning our groceries.

People committed to freedom, a Republic form of civil government, and restraining chains of the Constitution against government understand this campaign and give; it is just that simple.

This candidate and his wife say Thank-You to our supporting Cub Foods cashier. Join his generosity today, making a generous donation at

8/5/12 Campaign Trail Update #67

We are currently in a heave campaigning period with back to back activities leading to Election Day victory. The list includes

  1. Attending St. Anthony Village Fest
  2. Sponsorship and participate in St. Anthony golf tournament
  3. Work at the Convention Center
  4. Police Reserve meetings
  5. Campaigning around the district
  6. Pancake breakfast
  7. Fundraising event
  8. Preparations for the National Night Out
  9. Preparations for New Brighton parade
  10. Campaign meetings
  11. Annual church picnic
  12. Work around our caretaking property
Running for public office requires commitment, purpose, and a mission in life, defiantly not for the armature, novas, and politician.

Donate today at:

Friday, August 3, 2012

8/3/12 Campaign Trail Update #66

This morning I participated in a local fundraiser for Little Voyageurs’ Montessori School of Columbia Heights sponsored by Lighthouse of Columbia Heights an assisted living facility.

For $3.00 a person gets pancakes, sausage and refreshments, a chance to mingle with local residents, and support a local organization. Lighthouse of Columbia Heights hosts the community fundraiser every first Friday of the month from 8:30AM to 10:00AM. Plan supporting community organizations next month and attend the fundraiser on September 7, 2012.       

8/2/12 Campaign Trail Update #65

We took a swing through St Anthony tonight visiting folks around the area. Even the cautious voters we met were welcoming. The fun part of running as the Constitution Party candidate in 2012 is actually working for Election Day victory, pounding the streets, getting personally in touch with the voters; unlike other candidates who rely on major political party endorsements, or popular public figures to secure voters.

There are reasons our campaign is leading the charge to Elections in November this year, personal convictions of this candidate are a consistent, historical Constitutional campaign position; simple, universal, and believable.

Join the winning team for Minnesota House 41-B, Tim Utz today, people like winners especially a consistent statesman.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

8/1/12 Constitution Party Newsletter

Here is the link to the Constitution Party newsletter for August 2012.

8/1/12 Campaign Trail Update #64

Dichotomy of HD41-B Voters

Our team traveled into New Brighton last night seeking yard sign placement, stopping specifically at a home containing a Sue Jeffers (a Republican running for Ramsey County Commissioner) yard sign. As our volunteer approached the home to seek yard sign placement approval I stepped into the street to greet a family of South East Asia decent walking along the road; here is our dichotomy experience.

The Republican
The volunteer spent her time listening as the Republican critiqued the campaign shortcomings from his perspective, 1. me, an isolated representative, 2. who would I caucus with, 3. what privileged committee assignments would I miss not being in the Republican circles, were just some of the comments; never discussing my positions, or conservative credentials, leaving my volunteer standing in his driveway while he walked into the garage and closed the door, rejecting the yard sign placement.

The Citizen
As I approached the South East Asia family walking the street in our direction the man changed his path toward me, reaching out to shake hands and ask me what Tim was running for. I replied Minnesota State House and I am Tim; he light up like a Christmas tree hardily shaking my hand saying how cool it is meeting a real candidate for office. Our conversation included his desire of preserving America, having lived in his new country for just 6 years. He mentioned not having political history where he was from, parents who were neither Republican nor Democrat, not being tarnished by political labeling allowing him to look at the candidates.

We closed the conversation by him asking if he could have a Tim Utz sign in his yard, I said it out be my honor. He returned with me to his home leaving his family who continued walking and pointed to a premium location in the front yard for placement of my yard sign.

Political dichotomy is an appropriate description for the two residents on this New Brighton street, who happen to be next door neighbors, one espousing political arrogance, the other one of appreciation and enthusiasm for America’s Republic. On the political streets in HD41-B the political lines are developing a dichotomy between those who are trapped in a two party system and the majority seeking a candidate.