Saturday, August 25, 2012

8/25/12 Just Day Remaining

Election Day is in 74 days, even with the DFL support for his opponent, Tim Utz for Minnesota House 41-B has a commanding presence and support throughout the district. The voters are deciding to give freedom and Constitutional limited government a chance and recognize Tim is that choice.
With just days until Election Day Tim has requested we send a quick message to our supporters; help us finish the race in 2012 with a victory.
  1. Donate, Tim hates seeking donations, but donations are required to make a campaign function. Whatever the reason, if you have not yet donated to Tim’s campaign he graciously asks you to stop now and donate something even $5.00 multiplied by 3,500 Facebook friends is an incredible amount of money, but give generously today.
  2. Volunteer today, we have several unspecified campaign strategies needing volunteers every remaining 74 days, including you; those who live within quick driving distance of Columbia Heights and St. Anthony. Visit our website now and offer the dates you can participate volunteering in the evenings; we have assignments for everyone every night.
  3. Endorsements, you support Tim Utz for Minnesota House 41-B, then step up to the plate and tell people. Visit our website now and take 2 minutes to write a short endorsement. People look at a candidate’s endorsement page; in fact our website endorsement page is one of the most visited pages. People in this district know you; a friend in this district knows you, so let them know you are on board supporting this campaign.
  4. Finally share, the simplest action you could take now is clicking the share buttons in your social media including Facebook, Twitter, RTR, LinkedIn or other media.
Doing nothing today hurts our Republic, our futures and our children’s chances for a safe, free state of Minnesota; take action now, donate, volunteer, endorse, and share; tomorrow is only 73 days from Election Day, a point on the 2012 calendar not waiting for hesitation or delayed intentions on our part. Be decisive now and visit







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