Monday, August 27, 2012

8/14/12 Campaign Trail Update #82, Voting on Primary Day

Every year people around the world are murdered by despots, kings, tyrants and self proclaimed rulers for attempting the simple act of voting; yet in America, where our Constitutional Republic documents obligate our civil participation barley a whisper of excitement for the voting booth exists, especially during primary season.
Minnesota, with all the pomp and bragging rights of voter participation nationally could barley squeeze 15% of registered voter’s participation during Primary Day 2012; and who knows how many remain unregistered to vote. The world marvels at our apathy, curses our presumption of voting availability, and weeps at the lack of participation.
Nadine and I voted on Primary Day; knowing full well forces are about attempting removal of citizen governance over civil authority. Citizen’s lack of civil engagement gives validation to arguments of those forces.
Election Day is just days away, Nadine and I hope you participate in the duty of civil governance and vote on Election Day 2012, taking serious the obligations of civil activity granted every citizen of our Republic, the balance of our world envies every mark we freely place on each ballot.  

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