Monday, October 31, 2011

10/31/11 Halloween Update

As events unfolded tonight Nadine and I were the only people on the campaign bus tonight, but we still enjoyed the evening. Nadine drove the bus while enjoying the various decorated yards as I focused on where families were; meeting and greeting everyone possible. The route started in Northern Fridley, traveling South East of University to 44th Avenue in Columbia Heights.

The very popular supply of “Utz” pretzels for the adults failed to last all night. Still so many folks were excited to visit, express their support and several even stated they will switch their support to Tim Utz next November.

In all we rated the evening an A++ for contact, communications and community support. Again we need your financial support today, along with bus lettering, office supplies, showing support through donations is critical.

Visit now and make a generous donation of any amount up to the 2011 campaign finance limit of $100.00 per person.

Friday, October 21, 2011

10/20/11 the "Perfect Politician"

What if God sent us the Perfect Politician and gave us a choice
To turn from our ways, and gave us a voice?

What would he look like, this hero-to-be?
Would he be hansome with perfect hair, perfect teeth?
Would he be tall, broad and strong?
Always be right and never be wrong?

Would he put down his foes, shame them outright,
Bring up their past, in their failure delight?

Would he know all the right answers to America's ills,
Would he solve all our problems with the stroke of his quill?

Or would he be humble, unassuming and meek,
When accused and cajoled, turn the other cheek?

Would it be policy or people he serves,
Stand up for Truth, Principle his nerve?

Would he be consistent, year after year,
Or change his opinion to suit the right ear?

Would he cater to the rich, the nobles and elite,
Or to the peasant, the man on the street?

God's perfect man would bring Justice to all,
The rich, the poor, the great and the small.

Unyeilding in principle, true to the end,
offering peace, his hand as a friend.

"Do no harm" his motto would be,
but, "Defend my home? I guarantee".

But what if we missed him in his humble attire,
Overlooked him for a more eloquent sire?

That wouldn't be right! Miss him, surely not!

Heroes are always easy to spot.

Rick George, Charleston Ron Paul Examiner

Friday, October 14, 2011

10/14/11 Thoughts For The Day

10/14/11 Campaign Donations

Nadine and I thank every one who has supported Constitutional government, preserving America’s Republic and limited Minnesota bureaucracy through supporting our campaign over the last 39 months. Making a move to the Constitution Party on principles this fall, has caused people to review their political purposes. Party affiliation has impact on voter choices in addition to name recognition of candidates. We have the name recognition and are working to provide voters two choices in November 2012, a far left liberal Marxist or a Constitutional compliant statesman.

Every state has some form of campaign finance oversight, with various levels of individual donation limits. Some state caps are in the thousands of dollars individually, while Minnesota law and Campaign Finance Board rules restrict individual donations to candidates to $100.00 in 2011. The campaign for Tim Utz has supporters wanting to contribute over the Minnesota cap, but is prohibited in doing so. As 2011 comes to a close in 78 days, the opportunity for giving to our campaign this year quickly ends; our campaign hopes you take the chance to give $100.00 in 2011, an appropriation that does not roll over into 2012. In 2012, individuals will have a higher contribution limit of $250.00, but opportunities for giving in 2011 are lost after December 31, 2011.

Nadine and I ask you to consider making an “end of year” contribution while the opportunity exists for 2011. Not giving in 2011 reduces the contribution impact of individuals toward any campaign in Minnesota including Tim Utz for House 2012. Visit today and make an electronic contribution or donate by mail at Tim Utz 4141 Stinson Blvd. NE Columbia Heights, Minnesota 55421; any amount of $10.00, $25.00 $50.00 or even $100.00 is money not available to give in 2012.

Respectfully Submitted
Tim Nadine Utz

Monday, October 10, 2011

9/10/11 MN HD50-A Ron Paul Sign Bomb Update

Attempted to do a sign bomb this morning, but the logistics, sign size created a distraction for a positive Ron Paul experience for traffic. Perhaps a better plan next time will produce better results. As for today, some people were educated.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

10/8/11 Fridley Fire/Police Open House

Nadine and I visited the Fridley Fire/Police open house today. We enjoyed the time and had a chance to visit with a couple folks. I am not understanding how to email the photos from my camera, until then just trust me, heard that before from a politician, remember I claim to be a statesman. J  

10/8/11 Last Night Football Game

The campaign staff and Tim attended the Columbia Heights homecoming football game last night. The group had a blast, although the home football team (us) lost something like 50 plus to 13. Fireworks were canceled last night do to concern for “our” safety; to windy and dry. People knew Tim, greeted him, and really like our new bus. Remember to support our campaign with generous donations by visiting our website at

Friday, October 7, 2011

10/7/11 Thought For The Day

You can know more than anyone else in the world; but if what you know is incorrect, you are still wrong.

Tim Utz