Wednesday, December 28, 2011

12/28/11 And I Lost A Friend In Death

Today has become a moment in life one would never forget, a moment when comrade is lost. I lost my friend today to death, a friend who shared a common bond as a brother, one I could call anytime for help or to laugh with at the world, someone to share the ups and downs in life with as years passed. A friend who would jokingly say “talking with me about my experiences in life helped him to appreciate all he had”, though the same I would think the same of him.

I have had 26 years of knowing we could just pick up the phone call each other and resume a conversation whether we last talked yesterday or 2 months ago. I already miss my friend, a tear about to drop on my campaign laptop as I contemplate the loss. Even this big tough guy experiences heartache, loss and pain when death reaches out and takes my friend.

My friend left a brother, sister, wife of 30 years plus and 3 grown sons, who as a family grieve his death tonight.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

12/13/11 Poor Stewardship Or Disregard Neither Good

MN Statute 3.101 Living Expenses, in part states: ‘A member of the legislature in addition… shall be reimbursed for living and other expenses incurred in the performance of duties or engaging in official business during a regular or special session……’  This is what is commonly known as ‘per diem.’ For 2011, the Legislature set the amount at $77.00 per day of per diem for transportation to and from the capitol and lodging.

Prior to session, each legislator sets a customized payment schedule for receiving per diem; similarly, HD 50-A Representative Carolyn Laine, scheduled herself to receive per diem 7 days a week throughout 2011 session. 

During January 2011 session, Rep. Laine developed a serious medical condition requiring hospitalization and home recovery resulting in an absence 38 out of 64 days or 59% of the “Legislative Days” defined as officially conducting business in the House Chambers; of 143 calendar days Carolyn missed 98 days or 68.5%, days per diem is based on. Carolyn still took full per diem during the session totaling $10,549.00, just $131.00 shy of what the Speaker of the House, Kurt Zellers (R) Maple Grove, received and he missed just a couple session days.  

Additionally, Carolyn pledged not to take compensation, along with about 16 other House Representatives, during the state government shutdown yet reporting information shows she applied for and received full retroactive compensation after the 2011 special session.

We all understand the need for Carolyn to take time off to address personal health issues and want her to do so; we wish her a full recovery.  Her time off is not at issue; the questions that do beckon to be answered are:  Have Carolyn’s actions relative to per diem and compensation pledges violated public trust or her credibility as our representative in our Constitutional Republic?  Is this an appropriate way to demonstrate good stewardship of taxpayer money?  Do these actions warrant Carolyn’s continued employment by this House District?  The decision remains in the hands of “We the People”.

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Tim Utz for Minnesota House in 2012

Monday, December 12, 2011

12/12/11 Last fundraiser For 2011

Dear liberty friends,

The people of Minnesota worked tirelessly in 2010 to elect conservative Republicans in Minnesota and won control of both chambers of the Legislature (the Senate for the first time in over 40 years) with three directives from the people of the state;

•Cut state spending
•Reduce the scope of government
•Appropriately re-district

All three directives failed. Minnesota has a 15% larger budget, increased intrusive government and the subject of this communication a re-districting process illegally proceeding through the Minnesota Supreme Court.

The Minnesota Constitution specifically prohibits judiciary participation, in fact prohibits executive participation, and required the legislature to finalize and pass re-districting prior to the end of 2011 session* (May 23, 2011) then, as needed, prohibit judicial and Executive meddling.

Similarly, to the last two re-districting processes, every protective checks and balances established by “We the People” under our state constitution has failed in 2011; leaving our system of state government in total constitutional anarchy around the issue of re-districting. Sadly, most people of Minnesota are clueless to this reality.

Simultaneously, both the GOP and DFL were filing multiple court challenges and rebuttals in both federal and state courts in January 2011 when the Minnesota Legislature convened to process re-districting in Minnesota among other constitutional obligations. The Minnesota GOP controlled legislature failed to protect the re-districting plans completed during the 2011 Legislative Session by allowing the Governor to veto the plan under a 1970’s illegal reinterpretation of the Minnesota Constitution by the courts. Re-districting is a constitutional function of the Legislature and not a bill subjected to a Governor’s veto**. In August 2011, I chose to challenge the failures of our legislature and super-imposed involvement of the Minnesota Supreme Court and I submitted an amicus curie brief directing the Minnesota Supreme Court to adhere to the strict reading of the Minnesota Constitution on judicial participation in re-districting and excuse their participation.

Minnesota Republican connected and conservative organizations as plaintiffs in the case filed a rebuttal to my amicus curie brief. On September 12, 2011, the Minnesota Supreme Court, agreeing to the Constitutional power of Legislature to re-district, proceeded to sight multiple court opinions and rulings to justify their conclusion; the courts have constitutional powers for re-districting and rejected my amicus curie.

My challenge to the judicial participation in re-districting is just one example of my commitment to Constitutional government. I ask for your financial support to aid our efforts to win the Minnesota House 50A seat in 2012. I made a commitment to not accept public campaign subsidies. While I believe this is the right thing to do, it also means that our campaign must rely entirely on the contributions of individuals. Please take a moment and send your 2011 end of year campaign donation today. Every $10, $25, $50 or $100 donation gets us one step closer to ensuring a true conservative, constitutional representative will be in the Minnesota House in 2012. 

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4141 Stinson Blvd. NE
Columbia Heights, MN 55421

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Timothy Utz
Candidate MN House in 2012

*MN Constitution Article 4
Sec. 3. Census enumeration apportionment; congressional and legislative district boundaries; senate districts. At its first session after each enumeration of the inhabitants of this state made by the authority of the United States, the legislature shall have the power to prescribe the bounds of congressional and legislative districts. Senators shall be chosen by single districts of convenient contiguous territory. No representative district shall be divided in the formation of a senate district. The senate districts shall be numbered in a regular series.

**MN Constitution Article 4
Sec. 24. Presentation of orders, resolutions, and votes to governor. Each order, resolution or vote requiring the concurrence of the two houses except such as relate to the business or adjournment of the legislature shall be presented to the governor and is subject to his veto as prescribed in case of a bill.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

11/27/11 Airport Baggage Claims Area

On Sunday November 27th Tim Utz joined fellow Constitution Party members at the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport baggage claim area promoting the Constitution Party of Minnesota to airport passengers.

The opportunity to share with passengers is offered through a Metropolitan Airports Commission program promoting “Freedom of Expression” areas at the public facility; we know that is such a quandary statement in America for a country holding liberty supreme among the people.

We continue scheduling times at the airport and are looking for other folks interested in preserving a Constitutional Republic to consider joining the Constitution Party and helping at our airport baggage claims area.

Donate today at:

Tim Utz for Minnesota House 2012

12/5/2011 Campaign Work Stations

One observation I learned from watching Ron Paul for president in 2008, unlike his current 2012 campaign, Ron Paul did not expect to win, thus he failed to invest in equipment, time and campaigning resourses to win.

With those observations from Ron Paul 2008, this morning at 1:20am CDT I completed installing 26 feet of countertop in the campaign headquarters (the basement of “The White House”) sp...
ecifically for campaign volunteers. The accommodations allow for 13 simultaneous volunteers working phone banks, stuffing envelopes or internet activities.

Now is where you get involved. The campaign needs to supply this volunteer office area with chairs, supplies and other essentials. For folks who live outside the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, visit our campaign website at and donate generously, or place a check in an envelope and mail today to Tim Utz for House 2012, 4141 Stinson Blvd NE Columbia Heights, Minnesota 55421. For folks living closer, we need you to step forward providing contact information and activities you are willing to participate in, or give generously. Living near or far you can share the campaign needs with your contacts, helping secure liberty for the people.

Thank You in advance

The campaign staff and Tim, Nay Utz

Saturday, December 3, 2011

12/3/11 Minnesota GOP Convention

I attended the Minnesota Republican full state central convention this morning at the Double Tree hotel and convention center in Bloomington. The purpose of the convention was electing a replacement for Deputy Chair resignation of Michael Brodkorb.

Last night at 5:000pm Tony Sutton, the Minnesota Republican Party Chairman resigned leaving today’s convention without either the Chair or Deputy Chair. I stayed around for the first couple hours visiting with supporters, dignitaries and elected Republican officials before heading home for a full day of activities.

It appears the Minnesota Republican Party is challenged in the coming months as it regains a footing on political leadership. Only time will tell what direction the party in Minnesota will go as delegates with competing visions force a direction.

Friday, December 2, 2011

12/1/11 Constitution Party December Newsletter

Here is the Constitution Party newsletter for December 2011. There is some great information in the newsletter, I hope you take some time and read the content and share with your contacts.

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Tim Utz for Minnesota House 50-A