Monday, April 30, 2012

4/30/12 Canvas Update #15

I searched the house today for supplies needed to make business fliers, then squeezed additional ink out of the campaign ink jet printer and made some business fliers.

With a volunteer driving a vehicle (the bus spending day 61 parked in the driveway without insurance) we managed to reach 24 businesses this afternoon sharing the message of Constitutional Republic government, and our campaign.

The campaign is developing a financially lean and mean view; learning the skills necessary for becoming the voice of force St. Paul.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

4/26/12 Canvas Report #14

Nadine drove today as I distributed the remaining few literature pieces our campaign has in stock. As Nadine drove I reached 26 businesses and 75 homes before calling it quits as I ran out of literature pieces. Nadine was surprised at the diversity of business in the district, and I met several wonderful citizens.

I will not take public aid, I will not ask for political party or PAC donations, leaving campaign revenue to the voters to provide directly. With $47.00 in the campaign coffers we now wait.

4/26/12 A Great Day, Reviewed

Celebrating our anniversary yesterday produced some quiet times, busy moments, and as with any couple a disagreement or two during the course of the day. We started out quietly having breakfast at home, checking emails, gathering up paperwork for a shopping trip, then off to the stores we headed.

Nadine and I make a list prior to leaving of all the intended stops. Today that list included Menard’s, Aspen Mills, Cub Foods, Rainbow, David’s Auto, Twin City Federal, Northeast Bank, Verizon Store, Library and Post Office; Cub Food’s came in the evening when I picked up ice cream on sale, an unexpected lunch stop splurging at Culver’s celebrating our 14 years together, as we ventured around town in just 4 hours.

The evening time we spent quietly reading and conversing about family, watching Nay favorite show “Judge Judy”, having Nay make a simple wonderful dinner, Nadine checking in on daughter, Charlotte, who is recovering in the hospital from birthing her third son.

All in al, Nay and I had a pleasant time together, giving and taking for the benefit of one another; unless an unexpected event occurs, knowing that tomorrow we will spend another day married, committed and working together in life, 364 days from our 15th anniversary.

Tim Utz

Candidate for public office

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

4/25/12 Together For 14 Years

Back when dating my wife, Nadine, I warned her “if something could happen to someone it usually happens to me”, and “grass never grows under my feet, I always have something going on”. She ignored my statements, considering me bragging about myself.

14 years ago today I took a second chance at loving another and married my “bride” Nadine, who can attest statements back during our dating times were not exaggerated. During these last 14 years we have lived a lifetime of experiences, most couples never imagine.

A blended family, grandkids, the deaths of friends, family and loved ones, career changes, bankrupts, successful businesses, wealth and poverty, personally building our own home, political activity, living in a mortuary, good times and bad times, traveling around America, are just a sampling of experiences we have shared as a couple.

In honor of our 14 years together, for one day I step aside from the campaign trail, focusing on a special day that only happens one time during any marriage, the 14th anniversary, and focus on providing my wife the assurances "she is my priority" in life.

HAPPY 14TH ANNIVERSARY Nadine and we shall see the rest of you tomorrow on the campaign trail

Tim Utz

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

4/28/12 Tax Rally at the Capitol

Come visit the Minnesota Constitution Party booth this Saturday during the Minnesota Tax Rally at the State Capitol in St. Paul, Minnesota. Activities start at 10:00AM concluding at 2:00PM.

Come meet the Constitution Party candidates for 2012 including me. Let’s have a great conversation for changing “business as usual” at the Capitol.

Monday, April 23, 2012

4/23/12 Bottled Water Inflation

A must see movie “Wag the Dog” for anyone politically aware. We purchased a resupply of bottled today, same brand, size and retail store. The product is up 20% in just 3 months, and we are talking bottled water folks. Inflation is roaring its ugly head and government is distorting the truth of inflation.

Donate today to my campaign at:

Thursday, April 19, 2012

4/19/12 Canvas Report #13

Perhaps the cool windy weather impacted production but whatever the cause the team managed to reach 378 homes today in about 2 hours. The team worked hard, while I visited several local residents excited knowing Tim Utz is on the Election Day ballot.

As usual we encountered several dogs chained at the front doors. Unlike past days, the dogs today were about the size of cereal boxes, with plenty of bark and no bite.

As with any political campaign we need donations, especially as we are out of materials, needing literature, candy for upcoming parades, T-shirts, office supplies and the campaign bus on the road again.

Take a break from the day, invest now by donating $10.00, $25.00, $50.00 or any amount up to $250.00 per person to: remember to SHARE our campaign needs with social networks.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

4/18/12 Canvas Update #12

What a great experience canvassing the district; you missed a good time today with perfect weather, friendly dogs, and plenty of conversation while getting in some healthy walking.

Contact us today at and have your email placed on our Instant Volunteers email notification list. Then polish the tennis shoes and prepare to go walking.

Today the team managed to reach 165 homes and 9 businesses in New Brighton. In addition 4 people signed up for Tim Utz for Minnesota House 41-B yard signs.

One example of today’s events was a 50’s plus man riding his bicycle and stopped as I walked toward the road from a home. He said “I was looking for you and want to talk to you”, and then mentioned retrieving, then reading the literature that he noticed me place on his door several minutes earlier. He said, "thank you for running for office, I am voting for you and please place a yard sign on my property this fall as soon as possible."

His political understanding of current events and issues became clear as we talked for another 8-10 minutes about politics in Minnesota.

I find people are hungry for principled leadership; public servants knowing the Constitutional limits of government, and making application in practice.

Donate NOW, Money is essential for a campaign;

4/17/12 Canvas Update #11

Today several campaign team supporters joined me canvassing the New Brighton area. We reached 173 homes and 31businesses receiving overwhelming support.

If America is experiencing a renaissance, and economic recovery I fail seeing that rebound on main street Minnesota. The number of vacant, for sale homes, and Bank owned notices on doors exceed any reasonable housing recovery.

I experienced similar devastation while visiting 31 businesses, where I found 4 abandoned buildings, 3 prosperous businesses and 24 businesses were at one level or another gasping for air attempting to stay in business.  

What bothers me most; it appears government at all levels is oblivious of oppressive effects on taxpayers while continuing to grow, expand, and spending money, every dollar confiscated from the wealth of the people.

Donate today at;

4/16/12 Canvas Report # 10

After attending a Saturday political convention, working till midnight, enduring a rainy day Sunday, today we resumed canvassing the new HD41-B New Brighton area.

In 2 hours our team reached181 homes and 11 businesses with the political good news of “choice” on the November Election Day ballot. The two political party branches in one ever growing tree of big government, watered by taxation, has a challenger in town; Tim Utz for Minnesota House 41-B.
A challenge and a choice we intend fully to broadcast across this great House District. No more business as usual; voters have a “choice” of a smaller tree planted in the fertile soils of the Constitutions and watered with the foundations of a Republic form of government.

Today; we met several voters offering solid support on Election Day. Join them either by participation or by donating; you can have fun with a campaign that actually enjoys being free of the burden of carrying the "big government" message.
Donate any individual amount up to $250.00 at

4/18/12 “Letter to the Editor”

Here is the link to my latest “Letter to the Editor” posted in the Northeaster, a HD41-B community paper. The posting is on page two of the PDF link.

Donate today at;

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

4/11/12 Canvas Update #9

A team of volunteers joined me for 1.5 hours this morning as we canvassed 198 homes in New Brighton before running out of materials.
The campaign needs money, donations from you, $10.00, $25.00, $50.00, any amount up to $250.00 is needed today.
We were well received by citizens with a couple examples here.
  1. I approached an elderly man watering his yard, after my introduction he asked if I was sharing Communism today. I responded “no, but am working to restore the Constitution and preserve the Republic”. Quickly he looked into my eyes punched my shoulder and boldly stated “you have my vote this year, thank-you”.
  1. One of the volunteers walking the homes across the street met an unhappy lifetime Democrat, who when learning I am a lifelong union carpenter member stated I will be voting Tim Utz on Election Day.
People are seeking an alternative choice to the tired old “the other guy is the devil” political message. You have the power to change the course of history in House District 41-B by investing $$$ in Tim Utz now.
Donate today at

4/10/12 Canvas Update #8

What a great afternoon to canvas New Brighton today, sunny and cool allowing for speed and efficiency. We canvassed 170 homes in an hour, spreading the good news voters have a choice in HD41-B of continuing the two party political slide into tyranny and ever larger government, or returning to our foundational roots as a Republic and a free people.

The goal of reaching all single family properties in New Brighton is 45% complete, far ahead of expectations. When completed in New Brighton, our attention is moving to the balance of the district.

As the candidate, I would like to share a couple of encounters today; one with a lifetime head strong DFL citizen who accused me of being a 1% candidate. When I asked how he concluded I was part of the 1% he said the language I use and my tone gave me away; (Here I pause my story and personally thank "Toastmasters International", my speech and communicator classes for the supposed slam by this lifetime Democrat), I chuckled inside thinking how little he knows about our personal and campaign 99% finances.

Another encounter was meeting an elderly lifetime Republican working in his garage. We greeted and his first question was "Are you a Democrat or Republican?", when I responded "Neither, a Constitution Party candidate" his posture rose up as he explained his disgust with the Republican Party and all the shenanigans. Before we parted I had another secure vote on Election Day 2012.

Every day on the campaign trail exciting conversations intermingle with occasional challenging meet-ups. The exciting trend for this candidate is the overall solid support for a third option on the ballot. People want change and respond to this positive choice for 2012.
Donate today at:

Sunday, April 8, 2012

4/8/12 Easter Reflections

Tim and Nadine Utz wish everyone who celebrates this holiday a pleasant reflective Easter. They hope everyone takes time reflecting on the purpose of celebrating Easter, not the fluff of a holiday filled with the worldly distractions of bunnies, Easter egg hunts, chocolates and a full tummy after enjoying a full plate of family cooking; but the sacrificial giving of our creator through Christ and His rising from the tomb, to sit at the right hand of the Father in Heaven.

Let us ponder in quiet reflection and consideration His blessings on our lives and how we might daily share those blessings with others.

A happy Easter to all
Tim and Nadine Utz

Friday, April 6, 2012

4/5/12 Canvas Report #7

We took to the streets of New Brighton tonight for a power walk and canvas time. In 45 minutes we reached 121 homes, taking advantage of the energy gained from motivation. The team retired as the sun retreated from the bright sky reducing visibility for walking path objects.

Sign up today at to be placed on our instant Volunteer email, bring comfortable shoes. Make a generous donation at

Thursday, April 5, 2012

4/5/12 April Newsletter

Here is the April 2012 Minnesota Constitution Party newsletter.

4/5/12 Volunteers Times 2

This post might resemble a previous post from earlier today; in fact this post is fresh off the HD41-B political wire. This evening we received a second request to volunteer and join our campaign from a New Brighton resident.

The levels of increased interest, donations, and volunteers are all indicators of voters making thoughtful political changes, investigating positions of candidates and not rubber stamping as in times past.

As a candidate, I take no support for granted, neither does our volunteers, there is a common uniting goal within our special campaign; to win on Election Day and “change the course of history” being a Constitutional advocate and preserving the Republic.

Make a difference on Election Day, donate now and join our campaign at:

4/5/12 Another Generous Donation

Today the campaign received a generous $50.00 donation from Elsie L. of New Brighton, Minnesota. Her generosity represents forward political thought and a desire for Constitutional government. We thank you Elsie for this investment.

Join Elsie L. today securing the restoration of our Republic by visiting and making a generous donation.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

4/4/12 Canvas Report #6

Today we canvassed a section of New Brighton, reaching 315 homes, having direct conversations with 20-25 people, received a commitment to a spring House Party, and developed lung capacity walking up and down the neighborhoods.

A candidate committed to public service will walk the streets, keep his oath to the constitution and educate the constituents on our Republic form of government.

One experience I can share is placement of literature on a door of a corner property, walking around the home toward the garage door and front driveway only to locate a huge brown dog just relaxing in the driveway. Of course I started backing up only to have the dog jump to his feet heading toward me.

I was shocked when the dog stopped barking within 2 feet of me, and then proceeded seeking a pat on the head. I walked away after petting the dog several times. I finished walking around the corner as the dog wagged his tail, and wanted petting again. I then petted the dog only to have him lie down, roll over on the back and plead for more petting on the belly. I gave a couple more pats on the belly and off to the next property.

Not all encounters are with people and here I have given an example of being cautious around properties.

Donate today at:

4/3/12 Fed Up Voters At Every Turn

I stopped at Cub Foods in St. Anthony Monday night for a couple items including a bag of cat food. As I approached the shelf containing my product, a woman was also purchasing cat food. I mentioned the increases in prices on food and in general on products, after a short interchange, I turned to leave.

She stopped me, asking if I was that Constitution guy running for Minnesota House with the flyer left on her door. After I replied yes, this life long Republican and I spent another 5-8 minutes talking politics, historical actions of government, Constitutional government and the broken two party political systems. In the end I have another supporter, someone excited to have an alternate to a “D” or “R” on Election Day.

Donate today at:

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

4/3/12 Canvas Report #5

We walked a single home neighborhood in New Brighton reaching 178 homes in1.5 hours, directly meeting 15-20 people while distributing flyers. One such conversation occurred at the end of the canvas.

I met a woman who grew up a missionary kid in the Middle East. She is a life time conservative Republican and so disappointed with political current events within the federal government, Republican Party and state politics. She had resigned herself to not vote on Election Day 2012.

We spent 10 minutes discussing many subjects including my Constitution Party membership. The conversation concluded with her renewed desire to vote on Election Day and excited to vote Tim Utz.

Donate today to Tim Utz for House at:  

Sunday, April 1, 2012

4/1/12 Tim's Quote

When civil government fears the church America thrives in freedom and a Republic. When the church fears civil government America has tyranny and bondage.

3/31/12 Minnesota Republican's HD41-B

endorsing a paper candidate 

I attended the SD41 Republican convention in New Brighton Saturday. I enjoyed the experience, renewed some old friendships, mended a couple other strained relationships, and in general made plenty of political hay Saturday.

One strange period was during the HD41-B candidate endorsing time. A delegate offered Laura Palmer, a Columbia Heights resident and current first term school board member, for Minnesota House endorsement. Laura accepted the nomination then proceeded to explain her hope another candidate would step forward as she really has no desire to run, sees no path for an Election Day victory for a Republican in the redistricted HD41-B; intends being a paper candidate.

As I watched the strange series of events unfold, I patiently waited for the delegates to postpone an endorsement until another qualified and motivated, conservative Constitutional, candidate stepped forward. Suddenly, I realized I am that perfect 41-B candidate Republicans are seeking, a motivated "can win on Election Day attitude"; problem is my party affiliation is not Republican. I watched while the HD41-B delegates voted 56/16 for endorsement on behalf of 4,500 other Republican's of the district.

I found myself feeling like "Donkey" in the movie Shrek when he jumped up and down around a group who fully knew he was available, proclaiming to the assembled group "pick me pick me" only to discover others were not listening, he failed to have a proper "R" on his ear tag.

For those who really want change, a non-paper candidate, and restore our Republic donate today;

Tim Utz
Constitution Party Candidate