Saturday, December 29, 2012

12/29/12 “Lincoln” A Movie Review

Nadine, Eliza and I went to see the movie “Lincoln” in Coon Rapids today; a great movie in general showing the activities of the period ending the civil war. Two critical errors of the movie were 1. The repeated reference to America as a democracy, our Republic was created specifically to avert any democracy leanings, the founders hated democracy governments. 2. The portrayal of Lincoln acting as a “King” not president in usurping powers not afforded a president under our Constitution.
As a candidate for public office and my wife as a political widow we appreciated and related with many private and public interactions and relational aspects presented in the movie about Lincoln and his wife.
Critical aspects of our governments textual process presented in the movie would misguide the politically unknowledgeable movie patron. The movie has value but against the backdrop of a patron holding a solid conviction for Constitutional Republic government.

12/29/12 Distortions

Last night Fox news 9 ran a story on the new (illegal) federal regulations prohibiting 75W incandescent light bulb sales after 12/31/12. The news report claimed the mandated replacement curly florescent 75W bulbs cost just a little more than existing incandescent bulbs and last 25,000-50,000 hours.
Being so irritated by the “NEWS” reporting false statistical facts I called the station and left a blistering message. Perhaps not my finest moment but I have had it with media propaganda spewing as “NEWS”.
Today I visited Menards in Fridley making an equal comparison of cost and longevity of both bulb types based on the packaging labels of the produces and not my “opinion”.
Package claim for 75W curly bulbs
Longevity 9.1 years at 3 hours a day or 9,945 lifetime hours
Cost $4.75 each
Package claims for 75W incandescent bulbs
Longevity 1.8 years at 3 hours a day or 1,599 lifetime hours
Cost $.42 each
Conclusion the new bulbs cost 11 times the price providing only 6 times the lifespan. Neither claim made by FOX news of “…just a little more…” or “…25,000 to 50,000 hours…” is true.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

12/25/12 Christmas

Marry Christmas
Nadine and I want to wish everyone a very merry Christmas 2012. Taking time for reflection of the blessed Christmas story given our world in the New Testament Gospels of Matthew and Luke about the birth of man’s savior, Christ.
The two of us wish you and yours a blessed spiritual Christmas season with family, friends sharing, giving to others as a symbol of God’s gift for our soul; the gift of Christ, as the song Silent Night clearly articulates “…Heavenly hosts sing hallelujah, Christ the Savior is born, Christ the savior is born…”
Merry Christmas from the Tim and Nadine Utz

Monday, December 17, 2012

12/17/12 Christmas Kindness

Saturday Nadine and I received our first Christmas card of the season. The Christmas card came unexpectedly from a lifetime democrat Columbia Heights City Council member and his wife.
What a joyful Christmas year as people show their respect during the season to politically opposed members of the community. Nadine and I thank this community member and his family for their thoughtful kindness and wish them the very best possible Christmas Day.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12-12-12, Thoughts for the day

Government is the only entity in a society in which every interaction, contact, or exchange is by force, all other entity interactions are voluntary. Our founders recognized this fact, offering a Devine heritage to succeeding generations by created a free Republic.
The price for keeping the Devine heritage is a society of moral, self controlled, individuals, coveting wisdom, eternally vigilant at restraining government.   

Saturday, December 8, 2012

12/8/12 A Christmas Event

Nadine and I along with Mona, her daughter and a friend of hers attended White Christmas at the Heights Theater tonight. There was 30 minute live organ presentation and 20 minute live solo vocalist from Chanhassen Theater who sang several Christmas songs prior to the movie presentation.
Great theatrical presentations, wonderful acoustics, a great classic movie; I especially appreciated my lovely wife bringing me and neighbors to share the evening. What a great way to enjoy the Christmas season.

Friday, December 7, 2012

12/7/12 Christmas Preperation

Our first Christmas in years where we have resources for an elaborate event, yet we chose a modest, down to earth  affair, providing adorable practical necessity gifts to loved ones, nothing splashy or costly, just simple and meaningful.
This Christmas is our best in years, not for the resources to splash friends and family with but for the discipline to restrain our Christmas to meaningful reflection of what really matters; family, friends the spirit of Christmas “Christ”.

12/7/12 Homosexual Marriage

Here we go, as I predicted, the U.S Supreme Court will decide marriage. The court has no authority to decide anything, only administration of justice as law as written (issuing an “opinion” not dictate law from the bench) but the GOP and Republican leadership will not stand or restrain the illegal dictates of a rogue Supreme Court on homosexual marriage, and Christians are so clueless to the Constitutional provisions of restraint chained on the court, they will kneel to the court decision.
The GOP should and could remove the Justices tomorrow for crimes against the Constitution for taking this issue up on their docket. Instead expect the GOP to use any Supreme Court ruling in support of homosexual marriage to scare voters to vote Republican as they have for 40 years on the issue of abortion.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

11/6/12 Campaign Trail Update #172

I thank every one for each hour invested in our campaign over the years. And treasure each dollar given. Nadine and I personally thank everyone. There is one candidate committed to preserving our Republic, one candidate prepared to challenge the special interests in St. Paul, a candidate willing to challenge any “sacred cow” where ever found, including if need be, non profit organizations like Village Fest to preserve the “Rule of Law” and our Republic.
Should everyone who has stated support for Tim Utz for HD41-B vote such, we will win tonight. The victory is in each one of those single votes cast. People from business executive to the poorest in our community, every walk in life, every nationality, across every demographic and age group have declared support for our campaign. 
Tonight will tell if citizens are done with politics as usual, citizens have rising up seeking an alternate, the citizens have an alternate in HD41-B, the citizens have a candidate willing to change politics as usual. Your single vote has the power to preserve the Republic, elect a Constitutional Advocate, now let’s go vote.


11/6/12 Campaign Trail Update #171

On Friday November 2, 2012 Tim and a couple supporters attended the monthly fundraiser at Lighthouse Community Living in Columbia Heights, Minnesota. The Kiwanis club was the fundraising recipient this month. Consider taking advantage of local community service opportunities.


11/6/12 Campaign Trail Update #170

People say until you walk in my shoes for a while then caution on what you say about someone. Being a candidate perhaps has the broadest emotional experience possible meeting thousands of citizens who have thousands of personalities and opinions. Harder still is the family who lives with a candidate for public office, the countless hours and days of endless campaigning before any short break, then cherishing those moments void of political activity.
Such was a moment captured by Mona on November 3, 2012 just days before Election Day as Nadine and I stopped for a few minutes, exhausted and seeking each other to lean on spiritually and physically.
Only other candidates can relate to this moment but I wanted to share a glimpse of the commitment committed candidates endure running an aggressive, purposeful, winning campaign and moments of family life.

11/6/12 Campaign Trail Update #169

On October 22, 2012 Tim participated in a forum hosted by the League of Women Voters in New Brighton, Minnesota. The final debate of the Election year included some amazing comments by the other candidates. For those who attended there were plenty of contrasting moments by candidate clearly indicating a variation of views on the function and purpose of government. Tim’s father, visiting from California joined the in studio audience, proudly watching his son debate state level politics. .
Below is a link to the forum provided by the cable company CTV15.


Monday, November 5, 2012

11/5/12 Campaign Trail Update #168

Another aspect of a campaign is the candidate longevity and ability to grow support and strength leading into the final stretch. The Tim Utz for Minnesota House 41-B continues seeing the voter support increase. The Campaign Finance Board report directly reflects our lead in this race.
According to the Campaign Finance Board reports between July 23, 2012 and October 22, 2012 Constitution Party candidate Tim Utz raised $5,253.01 from individuals, the DFL incumbent Carolyn Laine raised $3,631.66 from individuals, and the Republican challenger raised an embarrassing $75.00 from individuals.
Draw your own conclusions but numbers do not lie; the leader is clearly Tim Utz in HD41-B. Join the winning campaign for Minnesota HD41-B today by making a donation at, share on social networks and tell others today, the polls open in 26 hours.

11/5/12 Campaign Trail Report #167

One determination of a candidate’s credibility in politics is the individual support they receive in donations. All candidates just filed their pre Election Day reports and no surprise for this candidate.
Removing all the state aid, special interest contributions the Constitution Party candidate, Tim Utz, holds the record for individual contributions of the candidates for Minnesota HD41-B in 2012, beating out the establishment DFL incumbent by 35.5% and the GOP establishment paper candidate by 266%. Additionally the incumbent DFL candidate has spent $14,480.00 or 200% more attempting to retain her House seat than our campaign has in 2012.
2012 individual contributions
Tim Utz                        7,292.26
Carolyn Laine              5,381.66
Laura Palmer              1,992.00
The Tim Utz for Minnesota HD41-B need say no more, the people are making a statement in community support, and giving. Not given yet, start today, join the leader and donate at, tell others in our district, share on your social networks.
Tim and Nadine say thank you to the community for supporting the best candidate and the principles of constitutional Republic government. Vote Tim Utz for HD41-B on Tuesday November 6, 2012.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

11/4/12 Donation Report

Thank you to Terri B. of St. Anthony and Greg S. of Columbia Heights for responding to our request of donations and giving $20.00 each for the election night party. Those dollars are a great help purchasing the food. Also we need fuel for the bus during the remaining 48 hours before the polls close at 8:00PM Tuesday.
Please give now by visiting our website at or stopping by “The White House” with a cash donation.

11/3/12 Endorsement

I have worked along side Tim for over 4 years. He is honest, trustworthy and tireless in his effort to represent you and to benefit all of MN. He is inspired and inspiring. One idea to educate and to inform via YouTube started in 2009 with a hand held camcorder. His fledgling idea evolved into a half hour studio produced cable show with conservative activist and radio personality Sue Jeffers co-hosting with Tim.  Sue and Tim produced and distributed no less than thirty shows under his title of "We the People" reaching over 100 cities.
“We the People” inspired another series with Jeffers hosting called "Constitutional Candidates" having no less than sixty other candidates ranging from City Council, State House, State Senate, Judicial, U.S. Congressional to political groups such as EdWatch and MN Majority broadcast to nearly 100 cities throughout MN. Tim Utz had a positive state wide impact and demonstrated without question his leadership abilities over the last four plus years.
With Tim elected as our HD 41B Representative you can look forward to frequent, honest and transparent legislative updates. If you want to know where Tim stands on any issue read our MN State Constitution. You can trust Tim to demonstrate political courage and to uphold the Rule of Law.
Please join me and vote for Tim Utz on Nov 6, 2012.
Ramona Anderson
Republican Chair, HD50-A, 2010-2012

11/4/12 Campaign Trail Update #166

One of the fun “thinking outside the box” campaign activities is Halloween; where our campaign drives around the district in the campaign bus distributing candy to the kids and campaign business cards to the parents. October 31, 2012 was our 5th year of participating in Halloween.
As during last year we purchased Utz brand Halloween pretzels; marketing switch from the previous years of candy distribution. The adventure started at 5:30PM in St. Anthony, traveling to New Brighton, Columbia Heights, Hilltop and concluded in Columbia Heights at 8:30PM. Of the 150 or so adults we had direct contact with only 3 were declaring a negative reaction to our efforts. Any candidate would faint at that approval ratio.
Far to many positive stories to share on this post, but one specific example will provide an idea of the mood in the streets. One father politely declined our pretzel package stating “…I am already voting for Tim, give my pretzels to someone else who could use it…”
Want to help change political as usual in St. Paul; then donate in the closing days of the campaign season at  Nadine and I have personally invested thousands of dollars supporting the campaign in 2012 and could use help in the closing days for campaign bus fuel and Election Day costs. 


11/4/12 Campaign Trail Update #165

After another grueling day of campaign trail activity, Nadine, Mona and I made a stop at St. Anthony Village Pub in St. Anthony. We had fun reviewing the day’s activities, telling family stories, and enjoying the great food. Nadine and I even found time for some personal activity during our visit.
Have you not participated in campaign activities, you still have a couple days to join us and experience the unusual of American politics in a Republic.


11/4/12 Campaign Trail Update #164

We have a new addition to our home, a friendly cat named “Beauty” who loves people. With Nadine and I constantly campaigning or being grandparents the last days of election season we took a short break at home on October 29, 2012 and joined Beauty who lives “The Cats Life” of leisure. 
Going home for a shot time helps a candidate, wife and volunteers regroup, and share experiences while refreshing the body and soul. There is only a few days remaining and you can still participate by contacting us at


11/4/12 Campaign Trail Update #163

There is always something new, unique, unusual or just bizarre on the campaign trail, especially with the amount of hours this campaign spends meeting the voters. Sunday 10/28/12 was no exception when our team came across an independent film crew producing a portion of their movie at Kodiak County Park in Columbia Heights.
The crew was just wrapping up and packing equipment when we came in contact. I could not pass the opportunity of meeting the energetic group, shake hands, get a photo and suggest they vote Tim Utz on Election Day to shake up politics as usual in St. Paul. The group thought my suggestion was great and is voting Tim Utz on Election Day, Tuesday November 6, 2012.


Friday, November 2, 2012

11/2/12 Campaign Trail Update #162

On October 28, 2012 in the late afternoon with 800 doorknob hangers remaining and the sun quickly setting the team put the door hanging activity in full gear finishing up in the dark. After 9.5 hours of working with a couple short breaks the team being exhausted finally finished and returned to “The White House” just after 7:00PM.
Help replenish the campaign bank cash reserves and make a generous donation in the remaining days of the campaign season at


11/2/12 Campaign Trail Update #161

Occasionally individuals locate our campaign bus, flag us down and bring tidings of joy in the form of CASH. We always record the cash donations and like good little servants of the state report the gifts.
Such was the experience on October 28, 2012 when the Tim Utz for Minnesota HD41-B campaign chairman Greg Sloat located us distributing doorknob hangers in the north area of Columbia Heights. Greg wanted to document his donation via a photograph, letting the world know he proudly supports Tim’s campaign without apology, encouraging all Republicans in the district to join him and vote on Election Day for who we all know is the best candidate in 2012 Tim Utz.

11/2/12 Campaign Trail Update #160

On Wednesday October 28, 2012 while distributing our literature in Columbia Heights our team took a short break and made a stop at Holiday station store at 43rd and Central. Patrons and store management alike were enthusiastic and participatory with our groups visit to Holiday. Everyone had a great time conversing, joking and talking about our campaign.
After making our purchases we enjoyed some time eating in the campaign bus before returning to literature distribution.