Sunday, November 4, 2012

11/4/12 Campaign Trail Update #166

One of the fun “thinking outside the box” campaign activities is Halloween; where our campaign drives around the district in the campaign bus distributing candy to the kids and campaign business cards to the parents. October 31, 2012 was our 5th year of participating in Halloween.
As during last year we purchased Utz brand Halloween pretzels; marketing switch from the previous years of candy distribution. The adventure started at 5:30PM in St. Anthony, traveling to New Brighton, Columbia Heights, Hilltop and concluded in Columbia Heights at 8:30PM. Of the 150 or so adults we had direct contact with only 3 were declaring a negative reaction to our efforts. Any candidate would faint at that approval ratio.
Far to many positive stories to share on this post, but one specific example will provide an idea of the mood in the streets. One father politely declined our pretzel package stating “…I am already voting for Tim, give my pretzels to someone else who could use it…”
Want to help change political as usual in St. Paul; then donate in the closing days of the campaign season at  Nadine and I have personally invested thousands of dollars supporting the campaign in 2012 and could use help in the closing days for campaign bus fuel and Election Day costs. 


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