Sunday, September 15, 2013

9/15/13 Touch-A-Truck In Review

On September 14th, 2013 our campaign was able to join other organizations at the St. Anthony Touch-A-Truck event hosted by St. Anthony Chamber of Commerce. We invested $300.00 in materials and space usage to reach regular voting soccer moms. The soccer mom expectation became a reality as we met many mom voters who are disgusted with business as usual and dissatisfied with the Election Day ballot choices. Our 2014 updated business cards were very successful in connecting with voters. To our surprise there was an emotional connection for the voters as they looked closely at the logo, a realization of a possible alternate choice.
Our team stayed until the scheduled closing time of 4:00PM while other vendors moved out in anticipation of rain. We concluded the event packing up equipment and materials in a light drizzle; finding our experience well worth the investment.
Plan now to support our campaign efforts as we look toward fall events in the district; sporting events, Halloween, fall festivals, and community fundraisers are just a spattering example of our community outreach that cost real dollars. Visit our website today at and make a generous donation. We use every dollar with utmost efficient consideration.


9/15/13 Thought For The Day

The only purpose a candidate should be running for public office. If they are ill-equipped to read, they have no business being a candidate.