Sunday, September 30, 2012

9/20/12 Campaign Trail Update #109, steeling yard signs

We try keeping the campaign activities positive and truthful, but occasionally the ugly side of political activity rears its ugly head. Thus is the case in 2012 where someone or groups have stolen about 25 Tim Utz for Minnesota House 41-B yard signs from around the district mostly in New Brighton, Minnesota.
Campaign volunteers ask you keep an eye on Tim Utz yard signs around the district as limited funds hamper replacing the expensive advertizing method. See someone walking around or destroying our signs at least call the police.
Free speech is a freedom we cherish in Minnesota; we hope others would value our freedom of speech as they value their freedom of speech.
There are a limited number of signs waiting for lawn placement, interested in adopting a Tim Utz yard sign email us at

9/30/12 Donation Report

Tonight we received a $50.00 donation for the Tim Utz for House campaign from a New Brighton couple. The life time Republicans are supporting our campaign on the principles of freedom, and Constitutional government message.
Join this couple now and make a generous donation at

9/29/12 Donation Report

Today we received a generous $25.00 donation from a life time DFL family, who understands the simplicity of our Republic and Constitutional Principles Tim will apply as the district representative.
In addition Tim Utz for Minnesota House 41-B picks up 4 DFL votes from New Brighton showing the message of freedom appeals to voters within the DFL/GOP machines who are done with politics as usual and are taking advantage of another option on the Election Day ballot.
Join this bold family and make a generous donation at today.

Friday, September 28, 2012

9/28/12 Raise Money

A call is going out today for campaign donations to cover the cost of producing our October phase two project. We need to raise $1,750.00 As Soon As Possible to meet ordering deadlines.
Help us complete a great campaign season with an Election Day victory by contributing a generous donation today at or send a check to CCCR 4141 Stinson Blvd NE Columbia Heights, Minnesota 55421.
Campaign Staff
Tim Utz for MN HD41-B

Thursday, September 27, 2012

9/27/12 Local Fundraiser

Join the Columbia Heights VFW for their veteran’s fundraiser at 45th and Central this Saturday September 29, 2012 from noon to 4:00PM and for $6.00 you get plenty of food, pork tenderloin, and corn on the cob, salad, and beans. Help the community, eat well and fellowship with neighbors.

9/27/12 October Phase Two Update

As we mentioned before we are gearing up for phase two in October, we need volunteers EVERY Saturday 10/13, 10/20, 10/27 and 11/3. A good news update is our estimate cost for the project dropped form $2,400.00 to $1,750.00 yesterday, making the project more attainable.
Take time now and donate any amount up to $500.00 by visiting, then email your Saturday availability to someone will get back with further details.

9/15/12 Campaign Trail Update #108

Tim and wife Nadine made a stop at Community Methodist Church on Gould Street in Columbia Heights this morning for the church community fundraising sale. Several gifted local crafters were selling goods, a huge indoor garage sale was in full swing, plenty of food for purchase and a pleasant time for everyone.
In Minnesota HD41-B local charity events like this happen every week. Check the local paper in your area, take time to invest in local non government charities and make a simple but profound difference in a neighborhood.

9/12/12 Campaign Trail Update #107

Tim Utz for Minnesota House 41-B attended our first St. Anthony football pre game tonight. Having campaign activities at “The White House” we were only able to stay for the first few minutes of tonight’s game. The campaign team had a great pre game time, tailgating, meeting many game attendees, receiving many complements and the usual liberal stare downs.
Tammy Houle, the Constitution Party of Minnesota chairman made a 2 hour trip with her daughter and joined our team tonight; try finding another political state party chairman willing to show such support to a House candidate. This candidate sincerely appreciated Tammy’s leadership and commitment to our campaign victory on Election Day 2012.
Homecoming is the next home game on Saturday October 6th starting at 1:00PM with our tailgate party starting at noon. Plan attending this fun event cheering the home team, eating well, meeting voters, sharing a good time and letting the community know Tim Utz for Minnesota House has many supporters.
Contact us at should you be participating on October 6th.


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

9/14/12 Campaign Trail Update #106

There is so much campaign activity I am not able to post all that is happening. We are busy with mailings, planning our October surprise, daily meeting voters, attending community events, even winning support from prominent Republicans and Democrats in the district.
Meeting the people across the district is the best experience. So many voters are just fed up with political party business as usual and are voting Tim Utz for Minnesota district 41-b on Election Day. Some comments people have made are
“You can count on it” when I asked for their vote
“I like carpenters”
“Are you the real Tim? Nice to meet you”
Help us keep the momentum through Election Day by donating to the campaign today at or sending a donation directly to CCCR 4141 Stinson Blvd NE Columbia Heights, Minnesota 55421.

9/8/12 Campaign Trail Update

Columbia Heights Football season is a time for community gathering to support youth at public schools beating each other up for 60 minutes over a pigskin ball, catching up with people, and eating plenty of food.

Although there were some conflicts with the School Board earlier this year about us parking our bus on a public street during the game and attending, those issues were resolved and we had a great time last night meeting many voters, and enjoying a great pregame tailgate party for our campaign staff.

Help our campaign continue toward victory on election Day by donating and volunteering at today.


Monday, September 24, 2012

9/24/12 Donation Repot Update

A lifetime Republican voter stopped tonight and added to previous 2012 donations to our campaign. He also requested I include his comments on the current HD41-B race.
He was disgusted when the local Republican Party machine endorsed a paper candidate for 2012, who stated her intention not to run for office; continuing he stated his anger at reading the Republican candidates website who claims constitutional conservative credentials but her School Board voting record, in line with liberal board members, is diametrically opposite of her website claims.
He intends donating more as possible during remaining days of the 2012 political season, intends campaigning on behalf of Tim Utz for Minnesota House 41-B.
Join this fed up Republican in supporting a candidate committed to principles of Constitutional government at today.

9/24/12 Donation Repot Update

Nelda A. who lives in Baudette, Minnesota and is the mother of a staff member sent our campaign $250.00 today. “Hats off” for her supporting our campaign; a portion of her attached letter reads:
Hello Tim, I am … mother. She called me Thursday evening asking me to send you some money for postage and stamps. She is very enthusiastic about how you are running your campaign. She has every faith and confidence you will benefit the citizens of Minnesota.
Nelda A.
Join Nelda and a daily number of citizens who are making the choice to support Tim Utz for Minnesota HD41-B with time and money at

9/24/12 Donation Report Update

Today we received another $200.00 from a long time local Republican who likes Tim as a person. The individual has given in the past and our campaign is grateful for the past and current support.
Join this individual today and make a generous donation by mail at CCCR 4141 Stinson Blvd NE Columbia Heights, Minnesota 55421 or internet at

Sunday, September 23, 2012


In elections, we often have just two choices on the same side of the coin. This time, you have a real choice to make a real change. Republicans, Democrats, and independents alike have one thing in common. They are FED UP with our government. This is why I am proudly casting my vote for Tim Utz for State House.

Tim will bring principled leadership: representing the people of our district, not the special interests or establishment political party bosses. Tim will adhere to the U.S. and Minnesota constitutions, providing the proper role of government at the appropriate level of government.

Tim has the experience to win, having run for State House previously, and earning a greater share of votes each time. He has been to the State Capitol, and has watched first hand the dysfunctional way our elected leaders are conducting the people’s business. He has crisscrossed our district over and over in his green bus, meeting voter’s one handshake and wave at a time.

As Tim has met the people of House District 41B, one thing is clear: whether they describe themselves as Republican, Democrat, or independent, they are overwhelmingly FED UP.

Tim has dealt first hand with political party bosses who are more concerned about the next election than standing on principle and representing the people. This is why he is NOT running as a Republican or as a Democrat. He understands the system needs to be shook up, and what better way to put a thorn in the side of business-as-usual than to elect Tim Utz as our next State Representative!

I encourage all of my fellow citizens in Columbia Heights, Hilltop, Saint Anthony, and southern New Brighton who are sitting on the sidelines of both political parties to have the COURAGE to stand up. I know you are concerned about our state and our country. I have studied the demographics of our house district, and a win by Tim Utz is indeed possible, but only if you have the courage to buck the peer pressure of party politics and instead vote for the best candidate for the job. While we may not have the opportunity to vote for our ideal candidate on many races this November 6th, I implore you to take a serious look at Tim Utz for State House. We have a unique opportunity to tell them, one vote at a time, that we are FED UP and we will not take it anymore!
Adam Davis
Columbia Heights, MN

Saturday, September 22, 2012

9/22/12 Donation Report

We received a couple donations last night totaling $40.00. To the investors of freedom we thank you and encourage others to join us today and invest dollars, the grease that supports commerce activity.

Friday, September 21, 2012

9/21/12 Donation Report

We received our first $55.00 Birthday Money Bomb donation tonight from Adam and Maria Davis of Columbia Heights, Minnesota. Thank you Adam and Maria for making the statement of support the best candidate in Minnesota House 41-B.
Join this couple and donate to Tim’s Money Bomb tonight at

9/8/12 Campaign Trail Update #104

Ever participate in Antique Auto Shows? There are groups of folks dedicated to preserving our automotive history and antique auto organizations are such groups. As we discovered campaigning today; one such member is Jeff, a St. Anthony resident and Antique Car Run board member who proudly owns a 1911 Maxwell AB Runabout.
We met Jeff today as he worked on his vehicle in the garage. When I asked Jeff where he gets parts for the Maxwell he smiled and said “I custom build any parts needed”. Here is another example how individual sovereign citizens voluntarily and collectively preserve our rich history without government involvement or dictates.
Any interest in the 2013 Antique Car Run visit their website at

9/7/12 Campaign Trail Update #103

There are campaign trail experiences even Hollywood could not script. Tonight, while driving through New Brighton was such an experience. Long story short a couple youth walking the street shot our campaign bus with small arms fire, pellet or BB not sure which, but they were appended a short time later by concerned New Brighton police officers.
Perhaps they think shooting at a moving vehicle with a fire arm is funny and appropriate, but what happens if the window they shot was open and a passenger happened being in the line of fire.
After winning House District 41-B in November I have another story for my book release next year titled “Winning an Impossible House District One Voter at a Time”
Be a part of the campaign experience; help keep the bus loaded with fuel, perhaps bullet proof vests by donating today at www.timutzforhouse or mail at 4141 Stinson Blvd NE Columbia Heights, MN 55421.

9/21/12 Birthday Money Bomb

Tim turns a ripe old age of 55 today. In celebration of the old man the campaign staff has chosen to host a Birthday Money Bomb for Tim’s campaign today. We are asking you to show your appreciation for Tim’s commitment to freedom, our Republic and willingness of public service as a House Representative by giving toward today’s Money Bomb; a $55.00 or $27.50 a 50% senior’s discount.

Join the campaign team today and make a generous donation for the Birthday Money Bomb at or by mail at CCCR 4141 Stinson blvd NE Columbia Heights, Minnesota 55421, let’s show Tim our appreciation.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

9/5/12 Campaign Trail Update #102

There are times during any campaign a candidate is struck by comments, words of advice, or actions of people. Today was such a moment for me as I communicated with a man born in China.
The gentleman and I made a good connection discussing several aspects of government. Then the comment came that I personally understand and wish Americans could get embedded into the minds. He said “Americans are so lucky to be able to vote for liberty”.
Campaigning over the last 4.5 years I meet many citizens born in other parts of the world who understand the privilege and obligations of voting, yet in our state only 8% of eligible voters participated in the August 14, 2012 primary.
We get the kind of government we invest in; voting is an obligation of citizenship to elect principled neighbors who will fiercely comply with their oath to protect and defend our national and state Constitutions.  Non Americans get this concept how about us Americans?

9/4/12 Campaign Trail Update #101

This morning I spent time working the St. Anthony rush hour traffic, receiving many smiles, waves, thumbs up and of course the occasional middle finger salute. The middle finger salute is interesting in the provider of such expression 1. Specifically wants me to notice them. 2. Knows who I am and where I stand on the issues.
The team went out tonight in St. Anthony and had a great time meeting many citizens. One special moment was approaching two women and a man taking an evening walk. The one woman light up like a Christmas tree saying “…I saw you this morning on my way to work at 7:30… keep it up… nice to meet you in person…”

The support of patriots like you becomes critical in keeping our campaign in full mode through Election Day. Consider taking a moment now and sending a generous donation to CCCR 4141 Stinson Blvd NE Columbia Heights, Minnesota 55421.

9/4/12 Campaign Trail #100

An unusual yard sign is popping up around our district this election season; a warning to both DFL and GOP of the growing discontent in the streets. Great news for Team Tim Utz for Minnesota House 41-B, and consistent with voters we meet as people indicate their intent to vote for Tim Utz and skip the other offices on the ballot.

9/3 Campaign Trail Update #99

The team Tim Utz took the campaign bus on the road Labor Day evening meeting many folks and connecting with the community. One specific stop in Columbia Heights found Tim posing with citizens who were having a great time over brats, burgers and beers in the garage.
The official end of summer weekend had many memorial moments for our campaign but this stop became a moment in time.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

9/18/12 Donation Report

Heading our call yesterday for supporters of freedom and the Republic, an undisclosed lifetime local Republican stopped by tonight and gave the campaign $300.00 for which our campaign will use on funding the October special project.
Thank you to that individual’s support and confidence we are leading through Election Day. Join this prosperous individual (who happens being a Republican) by visiting or by mail at 4141 Stinson Blvd NE Columbia Heights, Minnesota 55421 today and make a generous donation.

9/16/12 Mark Your Calendars, “Candidates for Charity”

Join Tim Utz for Minnesota House 41-B as we challenge the “other” political parties in a “Softball For Food Shelves” tournament. Candidates are placing politics on hold for 4 hours to help others through the Salvation Army.
Our campaign is joining “Team Independence” and working on winning the tournament and having bragging rights into Election Day. Want to join our Constitution Party campaign group and “Team Independence”, email with your contact information.
Date: Thursday Oct. 4 2012 5:00pm to 9:00pm, McKnight Fields 3rd St. & 10 Ave. North St. Paul.
Visit: for further information. or Call Kevin at 612-790-0302
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9/18/12 Football Friday

Join the campaign staff of Tim Utz for Minnesota House 41-B this Friday September 21st 2012 at the Columbia Heights Homecoming football game. Our activities start at 6:00pm with a tailgate party followed by a great Homecoming game on the high school field.  
Plan to attend, dress in Orange, Green and Purple; bring munchies and your favorite drink for the tailgate party. For further information or RSVP, email or call us at 763-781-5129.

9/21/12 $55.00 Birthday Bomb

Tim turns a ripe old age of 55 on Friday September 21st 2012. In celebration of the old man we lovingly invest in to be Representative for Minnesota, the campaign staff has chosen to host a "Birthday Bomb" for Tim’s campaign on Friday. We are asking you to give $55.00 or a 50% senior’s discount of $27.50 and show your appreciation for the last four and a half years of commitment and leadership Tim has made in the political arena.
Make that donation today at or by mail at CCCR 4141 Stinson blvd NE Columbia Heights, Minnesota 55421, let’s show Tim our appreciation for his willing public service.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

9/16/12 A Special Endorsement

Tim is my stepfather, and I have known him for 15 years. Although we have butted heads many times with how things should be done or how to get from one point to another, I have grown to respect his advice. His advice is sound, stable, and principle based. He is consistent, faithful, structured, loving, and a man of his word. He has helped support and challenged me over the years. Convictions and principles are the core of who he is. He cares very deeply, for his family, this country and will do anything he can to help nurture the foundation principles that help support a strong, thriving family and country. I hope you vote for my stepfather, I believe he is a strong pillar to support his district.
Polly Harding
Hopkins, Minnesota

9/16/12 Big Hitters Investment

Although many people give small amounts that are critical to a functioning campaign, having large wealthy individual donors are also critical to a campaigns overall health, planning and strategy.

Last week our campaign experienced an investment by big donation individual givers raising an astonishing $1,800.00 during a 5 day period. Some big hitters made the move to the winning team realizing their part in securing Election Day victory for Constitutional Republic government in Minnesota. We appreciate those wealthy investors who took the lead; the campaign now calls on others blessed with resources to step onto the batters box and invest maximums of $500.00 each.

The last critical core activity of the campaign starting in October needs an investment of $2,500.00 by Friday 9/21/12. We ask those who qualify step forward today and donate either on line at; or by mail to CCCR 4141 Stinson Blvd NE Columbia Heights, Minnesota 55421.

9/16/12 Everything Overboard

Like in a sailing race during the remaining few miles the wining team strips the boat to the base NEEDS of survival tossing everything not nailed down overboard to maximize speed; thus being the leader crossing the finish line first.
With that backdrop in mind, yesterday our campaign meeting focused on the remaining 51 pre Election Days. The campaign team concluded the variety of campaign concepts created by this campaign team over the years has provided the current lead and Election Day victory is ours to give away should we relax our guard and efforts.
We also concluded giving away an Election Day victory is not an option; and chose to toss every non essential campaign activity overboard and zero in on critical core campaign functions.
Join us today with a critical “Day 51” donation at or mail a donation to CCCR 4141 Stinson Blvd NE Columbia Heights, Minnesota 55421.

9/2/12 Campaign Trail Update #98

Taking the campaign bus out across the district this evening we met a host of people in just a few hours. Many are well aware of Tim Utz for House 41-B and are voting for me. Additionally we met 23 unregister voters who also decided to vote Tim Utz on Election Day, Tuesday November 6, 2012 taking voter Registration forms.
What a great day for campaigning, being in the lead, having a consistent message that holds real solutions not political party fluff and actually returns voters to the polls with a purpose.
Support our campaign efforts today with a generous donation at; or by mail at CCCR 4141 Stinson Blvd NE Columbia Heights, Minnesota 55421.

9/16/12 Mark Your Calendars

“Candidates for Charity”
Join Tim Utz for Minnesota House 41-B as we challenge the “other” political parties in a “Softball For Food Shelves” tournament. Candidates are placing politics on hold for 4 hours to help others through the Salvation Army.
Our campaign is joining “Team Independence” and working on winning the tournament and having bragging rights into Election Day. Plan to attend, support our group and “Team Independence” and dress in Orange, Purple and Green.
Date: Thursday Oct. 4 2012 5:00pm to 9:00pm, McKnight Fields 3rd St. & 10 Ave. North St. Paul.
Visit: for further information. or Call Kevin at 612-790-0302
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Saturday, September 15, 2012

9/14/12 Donation Report

Tim Utz for House 41-B is so excited for another generous donation, this time from Tammy H. of Red Wood Falls, Minnesota. Tammy’s commitment to our campaign is overwhelming as she maxed our her $500.00 2012 limit with a $350.00 donation today.
Thank You Tammy and for the inspiration to others that NOW is the time to give, and give generously at or by mail at 4141 Stinson Blvd. NE Columbia Heights, Minnesota 55421.

Friday, September 14, 2012

9/14/12 Donation Report

Today our campaign received a generous $150.00 donation from long time friends and former neighbor Mike and Mary R. from North Minneapolis. A very kind and great couple who epitomize what Minnesota is known for “being a good neighbor”. Tim and Nadine say a special thank you to Mike and Mary.
Join this giving couple from North Minneapolis today and make an online donation at, or by mail at CCCR 4141 Stinson Blvd NE Columbia Heights, Minnesota 55421.

9/14/12 Website Traffic

By far this month the most viewed campaign website page is our endorsements page followed by “Tim’s Views” and “About Tim”. Are you a supporter of Tim, then take a couple critical minutes now and write 2-3 sentences in support of Tim Utz for House, then email to This effort alone goes farther than you can imagine. People are looking for names they know, add yours today.  

Thursday, September 13, 2012

9/13/12 Donation Report

Chris R. of Columbia Heights, Minnesota made a $99.00 donation this evening maximizing his $500.00 campaign donation limit for 2012. When giving the donation tonight Chris requested I quote his comment here “If Karl Marx joined the Republican Party today he would move the Republican political needle to the right.”
Join Chris in supporting Constitutional government candidate Tim Utz by donating today at

9/13/12 Donation Report

Bill dodge from Glencoe, Minnesota stepped forward and delivered by mail a check for our campaign in the amount of $200.00. Bill is a great patriot willing to do more than talk about freedom.
Join Bill and others this week that have taken action in support of our campaign and written a check. You can donate any amount up to $500.00 today, help guarantee our victory on Election Day, Tuesday November 6th 2012; visit today.

9/13/12 St. Anthony Friday Night Football

Join Tim Utz and the campaign Friday night September 14th 2012 at 6:00PM for tailgate party with the campaign bus in the parking lot (bring your choice of drinks) and have fun with others. Then we join the home team of St. Anthony High School Football at 7:00PM for a great home game.
For further information email or 763-781-5129

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

9/12/12 Donation Report

Ramona Anderson, a 4 year Republican supporter of this campaign, stood up tonight to support Tim Utz, running for Minnesota HD41-B, and just delivered $300.00 in cash to max out her $500.00 campaign finance limit for 2012.
Are there any other Republicans willing to buck the GOP machine, step forward and support the proven conservative, regardless of party? If you are such a Republican, visit Tim Utz for Minnesota House now and donate any amount up to $500.00 at

9/12/12 Donation Report

WOW another generous donor stepped up to the donation plate and hit a double for the campaign with a $200.00 donation. Everyone at Tim Utz for Minnesota HD41-B say a special thank you to Leo and Beverly H. of Long Prairie, Minnesota for their vision, and response to our request for support.
Now you can join this Republic minded couple by donating any amount from $5.00 to $500.00 today at Help our campaign remain on top of this three way race through Election Day.

9/12/12 Endorsement Day

You want to help the campaign without “out of pocket” expenses? You support Tim Utz for House? Like his legislative agenda? Like Tim’s stance on Constitutional government and freedom? Then Tim needs you to let others know today. Take a couple minutes now and write 2-3 sentences of support, then email to The campaign will post your comment of support on social media and our website; you never know who lives in Minnesota HD41-B that knows you.
The time is now to write a note of support; with only 54 days remaining your written contribution on behalf of Tim Utz for House today helps make Election Day victory that much greater.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

9/9/12 Donation Report

Tonight our campaign received a generous $500.00 donation from an undisclosed individual living in Western Minnesota who supports our campaign of freedom and constitutional government.
The donation is a great shot in the arm for our closing days prior to Election Day, and we continue needing the small $20.00, $40.00 or $100.00 donors. Please visit our website at today and make a generous donation.
The staff, Tim and Nadine thank the wonderful donor.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

9/8/12 Event Notice

St. John the Baptist Catholic Church of New Brighton, Minnesota is hosting their annual Fall Fest. The event encompasses a weekend of activities for all ages and families. Mark your calendar, notify your social networks, and plan to attend one or all the events, but show community support by participating at Fall Fest 2012. For further information visit the church website at:

Friday, Sept 28th
Market Fair in St. Joseph's Hall 6 - 9 pm
Midway rides with J & K Amusement 6 - 10 pm
Dance with DJ under main tent 8 - 10 pm
Food & Drink concessions 6 - 10 pm


Saturday, Sept 29th
Market Fair in St. Joseph's Hall 3:30 - 8:30 pm
Midway rides with J & K Amusement 3 - 10 pm
Food & Drink concessions 5:30 - 10 pm
GB Leighton under main tent 6 - 8 pm
Fireworks 9 pm


Sunday, Sept 30th
Polka Mass 10:30 - 11:30 am
Booya 11:00 am - until gone
Midway rides with J & K Amusement 11 - 3 pm
Bingo 11:30 - 3 pm
Food & Drink concessions 9:30 - 3 pm

Kris & The Riverbend Dutchmen 1 - 3 pm

Cash & Prize Drawings 3 pm

9/1/12 Campaign Trail Update #97

Bill Diggs and the crew of “Pit Stop Chill and Grill” located in Columbia Heights at 40th Avenue and 7th Street invited us to their “Back to School Family Celebration 2012.” Pit Stop Chill and Grill provided free ice cream for the kids along with menu specials for the event. We had a great time visiting with other patrons during our visit.
Thank You to the employees and owners of “Pit Stop Chili and Grill” for investing time and money into a business idea: then putting those ideas into action. Next time you are in the area visit Bill and try some of their delicious food.


9/1/12 Campaign Trial Update #96

Lunch With The High Bidder; Nadine and I picked up Cory and his mom Sharon, winners of Immaculate Conception Church’s August 2012 Silent Auction sponsored by Tim Utz for Minnesota HD41-B, from their home in Fridley with the campaign bus.
Together we made the short trip to Culver’s in St. Anthony for lunch. The four of us enjoyed pleasant conversation, and a variety of food. At $25.00 Cory was the wining bidder of the silent auction lunch. Our conversations continued as we returned Cory and his mother to Fridley. Thank You Cory for making our auction gift a success.


9/1/12 Campaign Trail Update #95

Nadine and Mona and I were visiting voters in Columbia Heights this morning when we passed an antique Auto Show at Columbia Heights at Bobby and Steve’s Auto World at 37th and Central. Reservoir Blvd and the stores parking lot had become an antique auto display full of vehicles from eras past.

We spent 30 minutes visiting with folks, looking at the vast variety of vehicles while remembering the good old days of no seatbelts, A/C or DVD’s. Some vehicles were even for sale, but most were just for display. Hot dogs, brats, burgers and other associated foods were available on the outdoor grill.
Visit today, and make a generous donation.


9/8/12 Personal Endorsements

One aspect of a successful campaign is personal endorsements of a candidate. In the final weeks leading up to Election Day hundreds and perhaps thousands of people look up a candidate’s website for information including endorsements, especially personal endorsements. When people recognize someone’s name that is supporting a candidate, they are more likely trusting their intent for voting that candidate; you never know who knows who from where that lives in Minnesota HD41-B.
Many people have stated their support for our campaign but not submitted a personal endorsement yet; if intending to send an endorsement and have not yet, now is the critical time. Take a few moments now, write 2-3 sentence endorsement, and then email to
Wherever you live around the country or the world for that matter, the small action of submitting a personal endorsement is simple but critical in the final days. The process of posting an endorsement takes a few days to get posted on the campaign website, with Election Day in 58 days, now is the time to submit that endorsement at
Do not delay, do not wait, take action today at, you do make a difference.

Friday, September 7, 2012

9/7/12 Columbia Heights Home Football Game

Join us tonight at the Columbia Heights High School for our local football game. The campaign bus will arrive about 5:50PM with the tailgating party starting at 6:00PM. Bring your own drinks, and munchies. Plan to join us for the game, with game tickets around $7.00. Remember to dress in the campaign colors of Green, Orange and Purple. See you tonight; further questions contact us at 763-781-5129.

9/7/12 Community Event

Salem Covenant Church Community Celebration
Celebrate fundraising efforts with Salem Covenant Church and the community Sunday September 9, 2012 starting at 11:00AM. Come join the fun and enjoy food, petting zoo, inflatables, pig roast, root beer floats.
For further information contact the church at: Salem Covenant Church 2655 5th Street NW New Brighton MN, 55112 Phone: 651-633-9615.

9/7/12 Donation Report

We received a generous $20.00 donation allowing the purchase of fuel for the campaign bus. With this $20.00 purchase the bus is back on the campaign trail for a couple days. Help keep the bus on the road, join this supporter and donate $20.00 or more for bus fuel at today.  

Thursday, September 6, 2012

8/30/12 Campaign Trail Update #94

This morning I returned to the previous morning’s location in St. Anthony but brought Mona and arrived 30 minutes later, discovering a larger group of motorists headed to work. We had a great time again being greeted by many folks with thumbs up, big smiles, waves, and honking horns. As usual we received the customary liberal stair downs, a couple thumbs down and one middle finger salute. All in all, a great time today and I am resigned to expect my opponents will receive at least a few votes
One could call this election cycle an unfair advantage by our campaign for moving to the Constitution Party last summer, having the vision to recognize the distain by voters for major party politics and party control of candidates. For this candidate being politically free is an awesome experience during the 2012 election cycle.


8/29 Campaign Trail Update #93

This morning I headed out at 6:30AM attempting to greet the early risers. There were many folks up that early headed to work through St. Anthony. I received many great smiles, and waves, along with a couple honking horns. I even received a special hand signal from one motorist who expressed distain for my campaign. Fortunately for our Republic, the dissenters are in the minority roughly 250 to 1.

8/28/12 Campaign Trail Update #92

This evening Nadine and I took time from the campaign trail to celebrate our granddaughters High School graduation. Family and friends met at a Hopkins park celebrating her achievement. Plenty of food, fellowship, and unwanted bees were part of the evening’s activities. Grandpa and grandma say congratulations on an achievement in life.

8/28/12 Campaign Trail Update #91

What a great day at the State Fair today, I met a wonderful woman on the free bus ride from Unisys parking lot to the fairgrounds who was attending the Grandstand music concert series called “Music on a Stick” hosted by none other than Minnesota Public Radio, more wealth illegally stolen from the pockets of willing citizens.
I met a lot of great people during the 5 hours working at the Minnesota Constitution Party State Fair booth on Dan Patch Road. I got into deep heated political theory discourses with several booth visitors; each one ending in an appreciation for my stands on Constitutional government.
On the return bus ride an elderly gentleman sat next to me stating “your Tim Utz aren’t you”, with my simple reply yes, we spent the 15 minute return ride having a great political conversation while I learned he lives in HD41-B even living just blocks from our residence.
Just days remain before Election Day, visit today and make a generous donation helping us secure a solid Election Day victory. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

9/5/12 Donation Update

We have the political wind to our back blowing hard toward Election Day victory; every day we meet more voters proudly proclaiming a vote for Tim Utz, even first time voter registrations to specifically vote for Tim.
Facts are simple and unrelated to opinion. Our campaign needs donations from supporters today. Funding for our campaign comes from you, simple as that, not government, PAC’s or special interests.
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