Tuesday, September 4, 2012

9/4/12 Campaign Staff Member Appreciation Day

Today I am recognizing the thousands of hours of volunteer time one staffer has invested in this Constitutional Republic government candidate. Without Mona Anderson, Tim Utz for House would be years from an Election Day victory. Her willingness to carry whatever campaign water bucket I asked of her, from manager to sign waving or finding a 2 year old contact within her vast data base, shows the character of commitment Mona possess for this campaign regardless of this candidates political party affiliation.
Her volunteer time over the last 4 years is unprecedented in State House races; any candidate would drool having such commitment, and energy for a campaign. Both Mona Anderson and Chris Rowett (Mona’s boyfriend) offer this candidate untold efforts that I will always cherish, especially Mona who has Chris beat 5 to 1 in campaign time.
Celebrate with the rest of our campaign staff today; leave Mona Anderson an appreciation message at contact@timutzforhouse.com today.

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