Friday, August 10, 2012

8/10/12 Campaign Trail Update #74

We had a great time at the New Brighton Parade in yesterday with 22 participating including the Minnesota Constitution Party President Tammy Houle and her two kids from Red Wood Falls; photos coming soon.

Even better was Our DFL contestant Carolyn Laine only had 8 in her group, and rumor is the last place Republican paper ballot candidate Laura Palmer did not participate in the parade at all.

For over 4 years our campaign has worked the streets to establish a beachhead and inroads within the old 50-A district and the new 41-B against the establishment DFL. The fruits of all the efforts and tens of thousands of hours by countless volunteers are now paying off we are the campaign to beat.

Never taking a lead for granted we continue striving for every vote, participate in community at every opportunity like the New Brighton Parade.

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