Sunday, August 5, 2012

8/5/12 Campaign Trail Update #68

Sometimes the little things in life are the greatest gifts; such was the experience tonight purchasing groceries at Cub Foods in St. Anthony. The cashier is a support of the campaign and asked how things were going. I responded fantastic, then jokingly said but we have not received your $10.00 campaign donation for July yet. He paused for a moment, stopped scanning the groceries, opened his wallet, handed us a $5.00 bill, said that was all he had in his pocket, and then resumed scanning our groceries.

People committed to freedom, a Republic form of civil government, and restraining chains of the Constitution against government understand this campaign and give; it is just that simple.

This candidate and his wife say Thank-You to our supporting Cub Foods cashier. Join his generosity today, making a generous donation at

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