Sunday, May 13, 2012

5/12/12 Campaign Trail Report #11

Religion And Politics In A Bar

People, who personally know me, understand how I challenge status quo, especially when such practices are inconsistent with established truth. This post is one example of such challenge.

I visited Hanger 45 Bar in Hilltop, Minnesota about 10:30PM tonight, along with my campaign Chairman Greg and Chris the campaign bus driver. I took on the challenge of singing a karaoke song to the 50 or so patrons in the Hanger 45 bar.

Dr. Bill Olson, owner of Correct Care Chiropractic Center in Fridley, Minnesota hosts the Karaoke activities at Hanger 45 Bar on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evenings. After Dr. Bill placed my name in rotation for singing, while waiting I developed a rare moment of “cold feet” syndrome.

When my turn arrived I still could not chose between “You Light up My Life” or “Amazing Grace”. Developing a cold sweat I went with a song I knew “Amazing Grace”, grabbed the mike and waited, what seemed like 3 hours for the scrolling teleprompter to start.

As I sang the song a woman joined my efforts at singing “Amazing Grace”, along with another woman who walked up, standing in front of me singing and crying. As I panned the room I notice most people stopped conversing and listened to me sing. When I concluded singing “Amazing Grace” the Bar erupted in applause, people were genuinely moved by the song (not my vocal talent).

Although I already know Truth is a powerful force, I was pleasantly surprised the forceful words of the hymn “Amazing Grace” had in bringing people to attention. Though people resumed the evening activities my song received by far the largest response during our two and half hours we spent at Hanger 45 last night.

As Christians we are to be a light of the world, a lamp set upon a hill, the salt of the earth; thinking outside the box, not afraid to challenge conventional perceptions of truth; an obligation of individuals, even political candidates willing to challenge status quo with reasoned persuasion knowing Truth, not apologetic, but letting the spirit move; sharing that truth to all corners of a community, even in the middle of a bar in Hilltop, Minnesota.

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