Monday, May 14, 2012

5/14/12 Memories of My Presidential Candidate

Back in 2007 I discovered Presidential Candidate Ron Paul whose voting record in Congress cured my political apathy and inspired me to run for Minnesota House.

I reminisce to the days past when Ron Paul endorsed me during my 2008 campaign for State House, visiting our small city of Columbia Heights, Minnesota and was the keynote speaker of a campaign fundraiser for me.

I will always cherish that weekend in August 2008, cherish the inspiration of a man with principles, a visionary, a man generations ahead of his time, a man of unapologetic convictions, willing to walk any political trail alone so long as the trail lead to maximizing the freedoms of individuals, and heavy chains of the constitution restraining civil government.

Like Paul, George Washington was a man for his time, and no replacement was appropriate for those harsh days. Ron Paul is a man for our times and no replacement is appropriate for the harsh days we experience. I hope to emulate both Paul and Washington at the state level holding a commitment to Constitutional government, our Republic and principles of freedom granted by our creator, God.

Money moves a campaign, greases the wheels necessary for Election Day victory. I have 3,256 Facebook friends who can give $5.00 today, providing $16,180.00 campaign seed money;

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