Saturday, May 19, 2012

5/19/12 Campaign Trail Report #14

Good morning everyone. Several notes today include:

  1. We advertized selling a game table last night to raise NEEDED campaign cash to run our campaign. Overnight we received an inquiry on the table. Good news for getting the campaign bus returned to active campaign service, sad news personally that we need to sell our personal furniture to fund a campaign for Minnesota HD41-B.
  2. We hold a campaign meeting with the new Campaign manager Tyler King, young, committed, energetic, and motivated for victory on Election Day.
  3. Thursday night Tyler and I joined other staff in visiting the GOP pre state convention party rooms in St. Cloud, Minnesota. A lot of exciting events happened, more information to come in the next update.
  4. Today Nadine and I are meeting her brother and his wife to celebrate Nay and sister-in-law May birthdays. We plan a full day of activities together, and then return to political activity tomorrow evening, after Nay’s family party Sunday afternoon.

Have a great weekend folks, and remember campaigns function on volunteers, and donations.

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