Saturday, June 16, 2012

6/16/12 Campaign Trail Update # 26

One great experience of campaigning is meeting the variety of citizens in a district and their productive endeavors. While canvassing the district for ballot access signatures, our group came upon a couple young business venture capitalists. We willingly purchased and consumed some cookies, and drinks without government oversight or review.

Although many elected representatives desire to control all aspects of HD41-B residents lives through more ordnances and laws, citizens living in the diminished free state of Minnesota are not required to obtain a county health department operation permit, purchase a city business license, or file IRS reports, to have a cool-aid stand like those required in other states, YET.

As a candidate for Minnesota House I pledge to diligently fight against, reject and repeal the wholesale abuse of freedoms granted by our creator, God disguised as “reasonable” legislation. There is no reasonable legislation justifying the abuse of powers against the people of HD41-B.


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