Thursday, June 28, 2012

6/28/12 Commentary

With great sadness today I opened the news and read “Supreme Court Upholds Obamacare”.
1. The court only has the power of “opinion” not law.
2. The vast majority of America, uneducated about our Republic and principles of sovereign individuality gifted by God and not civil authority will accept today’s “opinion” as law.
3. Government at any level cannot force sovereign citizens to purchase anything under our Constitutional Republic.
4. Government does not own our bodies and thus cannot control the personal care individuals chose, yet forced medical care violates this principle at the core.
 5. The court had a Constitutional obligation of unified rejecting Obamacare.

The courts “opinion” today and it is only an “opinion”, flagrantly shows how far from original intent America has drifted toward the forms of government our founders pledged to prohibit when creating our Republic.

After today, the core principles of individual sovereignty, of state sovereignty, and the continued existence of America as a Constitutional Republic are at risk. After today, politics are no longer about major political parties like the Democrats or Republicans but principled committed individual candidates; those individual candidates who understand the founding principles of the collective states enjoinment, and the subordinate position of national government. I am one of those candidates for state office in Minnesota HD41-B.

Now more than anytime in American history, those who love, fought for and care about our children’s future need to support Constitutional minded candidates for state House and Senate across our land. The time for fence sitting, holding to party loyalty for name sake is past. Now is the time for supporting the best qualified candidates, now is the time to support my campaign.

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