Sunday, June 10, 2012

6/10/12 Campaign Trail Update #22

We have our first summer parade in 2 weeks at Columbia Heights, Minnesota. Here are a list of parade needs for a totally out of this world parade. Our friends, social network connections, family, and supporters will determine the term “out of this world” by the level of support provided. Here is a list the parade wants, what we end up with is the actual needs as determined by the above mentioned groups.
1. Parade walkers; no limit
You can join us, email us at
2. T-shirts $400.00:
Reusable for all 3 summer parades, order must be placed by 6/12/12.
3. Penny candy $200.00:
Campaign Finance law restricts the size of candy permitted for distribution, so we just suggest penny candy. Self purchase and drop off at our campaign office along with receipt or make a donation on line.
4. Business cards $250.00:
In past parades we hand out business cards, people keep them; during a parade we usually distribute 5,000 business cards.
4. Bus costs $30.00:
A typical parade costs are on fuel and related incidentals.
5. Walker supplies $30.00:
Typically water and munchies for during the parade walk.
Other items from past parades we have canceled for consideration are stickers, buttons, large banners, flags. Those are the campaign staff considerations of need, at parade time we will know if our political family agrees with the list. Visit today and make your support known.

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