Friday, June 29, 2012

6/29/12 Bar Soap 6.25% Increase

After 3 price increases and 2 quantity reductions over the last 18 months the bar soap I purchase for home consumption just mad another reduction in quantity of 6.25%.

Inflation is in full swing far above official federal claims of 2.5% annually. A consistent 20% to 60% increases in prices or combination quantity reduction and price increases across many household and basic consumption items.

Unlike the inflation spirals and interest hikes of the 1980’s, the current recession (and we are still in a recession), has government in collaboration with banking and Federal Reserve through hiding costs within false/misleading reports, and forcing interest rates at 0% when the world is running at 5% to 10% interest rate.

Ignoring the economic reality required of resetting an economy while attempting to thwart the “Come to Jesus” moment for American’s is building into an incredible reality check.

Just because a sign along America’s borders indicates this is America and we are exceptional, does not negate basic math, Biblical admonitions of debt, borrowing and spending patterns, or principles of economics; there is nothing pretty about our “Come to Jesus” moment.  

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