Friday, June 15, 2012

6/15/12 Campaign Trial Update #24

Today I took a break from the campaign trail today and joined my wife and two of the grandkids, spending several hours traveling to 3 parks in the district, Emerald and Water Tower Parks in St. Anthony and Hansen Park in New Brighton. We enjoyed plenty of fresh air, recreational entertainment and even shared some mosquito bites.

The four of us then headed to home for quick refreshments before going to Menards for garden materials and returning home. After our daughter picked up the grandkids Nadine and I made a stop at Culver’s in St. Anthony for dinner. Nadine and I enjoyed some rare, non political quiet time together, and then off to Cub Foods for a couple items before heading home.

St Anthony Parks

New Brighton Parks


Culver’s St. Anthony

Cub Foods

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