Saturday, June 9, 2012

6/9/12 Campaign Trail Update #21

After 2 weeks of diligent work traveling Minnesota HD41-B securing citizens approval for ballot access as a Constitution Party of Minnesota candidate this topnotch staff and volunteers managed to collect 654 of the necessary 500 signatures for ballot access.

Analysis of information collected from the signatures clearly show a broad base of approval for a third party candidate across the previous district 50-A at 44.3%, and areas of 41-B not part of the previous 50A at 45.7%. Further review of our collected information reveals, without exception, Tim Utz has large, broad, and deep, name recognition across all political spectrums in the new district.

The citizens of HD41-B encompassing Hilltop, St. Anthony, Columbia Heights and the Southern half of New Brighton, now have a clear ballot choice on Election Day for their representative, 1. A Democrat focused on big government, cradle to grave Nanny state control, 2. A Republican candidate who used her endorsement speech asking someone else to run, she is only accepting the endorsement because we must have a republican on the ballot, and has no intention of campaigning or winning, 3. A Constitutionalist, Tim Utz, who has a purpose in life of public service to our Constitutional Republic form of government.

For change to occur in civil government citizens must change their patterns; in HD41-B the voters have a clear opportunity for making a pattern change in choice of elected representative for Minnesota House 41-B, that change is a solid unapologetic, mark on the ballot for Tim Utz on Election Day, Tuesday, November 6, 2012.

Campaign Staff

Tim Utz for House

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