Thursday, October 4, 2012

9/29/12 Campaign Trail Report #117

Every day I meet folks from all walks of life, from millionaires to the poorest in our community. The common issue that transcends our economic disparities is the rejection of civil authority intrusions into personal lives and the affairs of life. My challenger has the view government is the cure-all to every possible problem in life; thus the critical and only savior to humanity.
September 29, 2012 is an example of how government destroys a life. A man stopped me today asking for a yard sign. He is currently homeless living in his car. Angry how a variety of government agencies destroyed his business and life through regulations, seizures, and taxation, but still hopeful of the future should civil government be retarded to Constitutional limits.
He praised my campaign efforts and wanted to share with others his support for my Election Day victory. Not having a stationary roof over his head, not having a yard to call home, still having hope in God’s provision he opened his vehicle back window and positioned my yard sign in the window. With a huge smile on his face the proud owner of a Tim Utz for Minnesota House 41-B yard sign he drove away into his future.
Telling this experience brings such strong emotions and tears, I have experienced the loss of all worldly possessions in the past, I have experienced hard times, I get this mans life, and bond in his hope for God’s provision.

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