Wednesday, October 3, 2012

10/3/12 October Project Update

The Tim Utz for Minnesota House 41-B has in place a debt policy this election cycle. The policy is not to borrow money for campaign projects but rely on CASH IN HAND to make spending decisions on materials, office supplies, bus costs and marketing the campaign to the voters. The choice to go cash only is difficult and challenging at times, especially after 2 years of campaign work but the policy has produced an efficiency rarely seen in political campaigns.
Nadine and I just finished discussing options stretching the in place cash only policy, but decided to hold firm and wait for revenue. The phase two October project needs $1,800.00 and to date we have received $300.00 toward those costs. The sooner we place an order the better giving maximum value approaching Election Day.
Now we ask specifically if you have not given, give today; or if you have invested in the past we ask you step forward and give again by visiting today and donate. You can also stop by “The White House” at 4141 Stinson Blvd NE Columbia Heights, Minnesota 55421. You may not have a lot but give something, if you have bounty then give generously. Also consider sharing our request with your social network.
The 2012 campaign season is in the 11th hour and you participating by a generous donation toward the phase two October project provides the revenue we need to finish the election season on a forceful, high, winning position.

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