Tuesday, October 2, 2012

9/26/12 Campaign Trail Update #113

Prior to sign waving this morning I made a stop at McDonalds in New Brighton for a questionably healthy breakfast. A fellow patron asked where I purchased my campaign jacket, which lead to a good conversation on our Republic form of government and the Tim Utz for House campaign. Although he lives in the North Country far from our metropolitan area, he intends informing friends living in the district to vote Tim on the Election Day ballot.
After watching thousands of rush hour travelers one learns who is voting Tim Utz, how has no clue who I am and those who despise the very air I breathe. Such was a case this morning of a woman who seemed in contortions avoiding eye contact or acknowledgment of my existence as she passed me going to work; all I could was chuckle to myself and continue gaining voter support with other passing drivers.
Help fund our campaign activities with a generous donation to the campaign today at www.timutzforhouse.com.

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