Tuesday, July 3, 2012

7/3/12 Campaign Trail Update #39

The Republican Party endorsed candidate for HD41-B, Laura Palmer, has finally started rising from the political weeds to begin her race for St. Paul. Laura, who apparently has proclaimed no interest in running or intentions on winning this year, is on the November ballot to diminish a victory for conservative Constitutional representation in HD41-B.

In June 2008, 4 years ago, I met with a group of enthusiastic citizens at Sarna’s Bar and Grill to begin our first run for State House. That day, Emily Grimes, our new artistic, design, volunteer leaned over to me and said “I found your campaign colors on that wall hanging artwork; orange, purple and green”. For the last 4 years, using her gifted skills, Emily has branded our campaign recognition throughout the district with those 3 distinctive colors. Tim Utz for House 41-B is known for the green bus, purple yard signs and orange accent colors.

Segments of Republican leadership in this district are still fuming over my party affiliation change last year making claims I am a “pointless political puke”, an unwinnable candidate without the Republican label, and a drain on conservative votes for Republicans in the district. With millions of colors available, or the distinctive Republican “red”, I find curious that Laura Palmer has decided to copy the distinctive campaign colors of the Tim Utz for House 41-B.

Copy is the operative word here; what next is Laura willing to copy of my so called “pointless political puke campaign” to secure a Republican victory during the next 120 days? Perhaps Laura should stick to local political activity on the Columbia Heights School board, where as a board member she currently copies the voting records of her liberal peers.

Palmer Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/#!/votelaurapalmer

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