Monday, July 23, 2012

7/22/12 Campaign Trail Update #56

Today, Sunday July 22, 2012, while we traveled the district in the campaign bus giving out yard signs to a political cross section of voters, our Republican challenger desperately hosts a last minute fundraiser hours before a state imposed deadline for receiving state campaign aid, and our Democratic challenger sits on thousands of dollars in special interest donations that have reciprocating Legislative obligations. The Tim Utz for House campaign, clearly the frontrunner for the HD41-B seat, has a couple illustrative stories from today’s adventures.

Sample 1, A home we returned to, whose owners knew of my candidacy for House from previous elections, welcomed our visit. After a few minutes of fun conversation around their front porch the couple gladly accepted our yard sign. The unusual experience here is their vehicles parked in the driveway had Obama bumper stickers; showing the strength of our campaigns honest heartfelt message of freedom, a popular across political party prerequisite for a November Election Day victory.

Sample 2, When we returned to “The While House” Nadine informed us a someone called inquiring for yard signs, explaining she just missed our bus passing her yard and wanted a yard sign. Within minutes our team was back on the road delivering the requested sign.

In conclusion while the Tim Utz for House campaign and I personally, place at our forefront a heartfelt mission to lead our community back to principles of our Constitutional Republic foundations; the Republican and Democrat candidates in HD41-B give eloquent oratories on the constitution in “letters to the Editor”, at public engagements, in their official capacities as public servants, or on their websites; yet their public Legislative and School Board voting records smack of disingenuous honesty promoting a philosophy contrary to Tim Utz for Minnesota HD41-B campaign.

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